Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x20: Scars [Recap/Review]

Well, that was a wild ride from start to finish. This episode probably had the most unexpected twists and turns in the whole season, and left me gaping more than once. Today is my Dad’s birthday, and we’re leaving this afternoon for a celebration, so I don’t have a ton of time – but let’s cover the bases here.
SHIELD and ‘The Real SHIELD’ merge in this episode in order to have a peace talk with the Inhumans, via Jaiying. Raina has a vision of a large rock, which seems to be a Bad Rock, and Jaiying sends Gordon and Raina to check it out. Turns out that the Bad Rock (which is Kree) is with SHIELD. Cal offers to give himself up to SHIELD to smooth things over with them, which Jaiying reluctantly accepts. Mack hands in his resignation to Coulson. The SHIELD/Inhuman peace talk ends abruptly when Jaiying smashes a Terrigen Crystal and kills Gonzalez, then shoots herself twice with his gun and claims SHIELD attacked her. Agent 33, mask-erading as May, kidnaps Bobbi and gets her – and the quinjet – to Ward because Ward says 33 needs closure.

Whoo! That’s the most brief, concise recap I’ve ever written. There were a lot of things packed into this episode, so let’s go over the fine points.
• Theta Protocol. When watching Age of Ultron, when Fury mentioned ‘friends’ helped him get the helicarrier back, I leaned over to Dad and whispered, “Coulson. It was totally Coulson.” Was I a little disappointed that the Huge Secret Project was helicarrier restoration? Yeah. Was I pumped for the Age of Ultron reference? Sure was.

• The Koenigs! It was refreshing to see them again, since I’ve spent the last season wondering where on earth they went. I still don’t know where they went. But the flashback was nice.

• While I like Mack very much and I’m hoping he returns, I really love that he stands by his principles. He’s an honorable man, and I don’t want to see him go.

• How lame is it that I didn’t even catch May being on two different planes? Answer: Very. But hey, chances are you didn’t notice either, so there’s that.

• I’m worried for Jemma. While her relationship with Fitz is coming back together nicely, her lack of remorse for Bakshi’s death – or her attempt on Ward’s life – shows a distinct character turnaround for her.

• I’m also kind of annoyed at May recently.

• I love Gordon so much, okay? I have a serious thing for Gordon and I love him to pieces. If he doesn’t make it out of this season alive, I’m going to have some serious issues and emotional scarring because I cannot lose two of my Marvel children in one month. I refuse.

• Cal and Jaiying’s dysfunctional, sweet relationship is so weird and I like it.

• Ward and 33’s dysfunctional, sweet relationship is weird and I would like it a lot more if Bobbi hadn’t become involved.

• hOW ABOUT THAT PLOT TWIST, THOUGH? Jaiying! I didn’t expect that of you! While I understand her position – her entire life revolves around protecting her people, and putting them on the Index means endangering them – the fact that she lied about what she’d done takes her from a position of understandable honor to something else entirely. I was not expecting that. Who here thinks Gonzalez might return as an Inhuman himself?

• When Cal finds out about what Jaiying did, I expect him to be fairly proud of her. When GORDON finds out about what Jaiying did, I expect it’ll go more like this –

Gordon: What the Freaking – I trUSTED YOU against MY BETTER juDGEMENT anD YOU – you know what? I quit. Y’ALL CAN HITCHHIKE. GoRDON OUT.


• Raina may have been right about the results of the peace talk, but it’s pretty clear that she has a self-serving end. To quote Cal and Jaiying, “What does she want now?”

• I basically have one request for the next episode – please, please, pleasepleaseplease X ad infinitum let Hunter be the one to rescue Bobbi. Please.

• While some of my friends – who shall remain unnamed – are distraught over the fact that Gonzalez is gone, I’m not. He had some serious anti-‘powered people’ issues.


• I’m sorry I still ship Skye and Gordon #Skordon for life #haters gonna hate.

• Raina was wearing flowers again. She really must be starting to feel more comfortable. That’s a scary thought.

• Lincoln is still adorable, bit part or no bit part.

me, the whole episode

Don't forget; the finale (the week after next) will be feature-length, so grab your popcorn and tissues, make bets, and don't forget your floaties!


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