Sunday, April 5, 2015

6 Ways Fangirl Life Improves Reality

There are plenty of posts about nerd and fangirl problems. We as fangirls certainly do spend a lot of time moaning over characters, pacing while awaiting our favorite shows, complaining about movie adaptations, and struggling to save our sinking ships. Our eyes dry out from staring at screens, our brains grow fuzzy from lack of sleep, our arms ache from holding up heavy novels, and bad internet connections are agonizing. Sometimes we struggle with reality because fiction is SO much better. It's also difficult to have non-fan friends because they just don't get it; if I have to explain the reference, it's no longer a reference. Plus, there are lifelong disappointments to cope with, like never receiving a Hogwarts letter.
Yes, the life of a fangirl can indeed be fraught with perils.
But it is also a life of excitement and joy, and it's a life I am glad to call my own. I would even say that fangirl life has enriched my ordinary life.

Here are 6 reasons why:

1) Being a fangirl lets you live more than one life. No, I'm not talking about regeneration. As fangirls, we journey beside every character we love (and even a few we love to hate.) We get to live their lives alongside them, and even through their eyes. We experience things we otherwise couldn't. Through stories, I've rebelled against tyrants, rescued innocents, and run for my life. Being a fangirl has given me adventures beyond my own world, and that makes this life more of an adventure, too.

(You can replace reader with Fangirl for this quote :) )

2) We learn as fangirls. As we live alongside our fictional friends, we also learn from them. Caring for imaginary people may seem trivial to non-fans, but I've found it makes me more empathetic. Books and films have taught me about love and loss, and they're lessons that have transferred into reality. Life may not be exactly like fiction, but each still helps me understand the other. As fangirls, we journey alongside others, through triumphs and struggles, and I think this makes us wiser and more empathetic in reality. Plus, I've learned never to trust overbearing governments. I should probably stop reading so many dystopian books...

3) Being a fangirl makes you fluent in another language. I call it "AGFYSKPMQL." It is the native tongue of excited fans, and understood universally among fangirls. Plus, most of us are also fluent in sarcasm and can even speak whale.

4) Fangirls have an awesome community. Some of us may be shy, or even a little antisocial at times, (can I get an amen, or is that just me?) but there is nothing like finding fellow fan friends. We can speak our unique language (see above), discuss ships and canons without sounding like pirates, and simply embrace our mutual nerdiness. This is the reason I am so proud to be part of the Fangirl Initiative! Being a fangirl has truly brought some fantastic friends into my life.

5) Everything is awesome. Being a fangirl amplifies excitement levels! Life is worth celebrating, and fangirls are better at celebration than anyone else. From big things, like attending a concert, to small things, like someone understanding your reference, fangirls appreciate the awesomeness of it all.

6) Living the fangirl life encourages you to live your own unique life. I know, reason #1 was about living other lives. However, being a fangirl has helped me celebrate the various things I like. It's made me comfortable with my nerdiness and quirkiness, and it's helped me embrace those differences. Because when it all comes down to it, being a fangirl is really just about being you. You, with all your fabulous squeals and ships and style. Fangirl life improves real life because it encourages you to do you. And that's fan-worthy right there.


  1. I love this post! It's so true. Being a fangirl is awesome :)


    Also, my life would be pretty boring if I wasn't a fangirl. Honestly, what do other people do?

  3. YES! Thanks for the post, Sarah! ☺

  4. Everything about this post XD It's so true and hilarious and just yus.

    (I am thoroughly enjoying all these posts about fangirlingness too. Keep it up!)

  5. I started reading this post just knowing John Green's quote would come up, and basically read it waiting for that quote. And aaah, all the quotes here are so gorgeous!

  6. "Sometimes we struggle with reality because fiction is SO much better. It's also difficult to have non-fan friends because they just don't get it." Yes, the struggle is all too real, my friend. Between slipping into fantasy worlds when people want me to be *here* and dumping all kinds of obscure information on my uninitiated siblings, I'm surprised people still put up with me. :-P I agree on all points, especially the part about getting to live other lives and get into the heads of other people. My life would be so unbearably boring if it weren't for my books (and the occasional movie. :-)).

    P.S. Being anti-social is definitely NOT just you. ;-)