Sunday, February 1, 2015

6 Reasons Sherlock Belongs with Molly

Sherlock Holmes is one of the last characters associated with romance. So when I began watching the BBC show series, Sherlock, I hardly expected anything of that nature.  When I was introduced to the character of Molly Hooper, though, I quickly decided that if anyone could belong with Sherlock, it would be her. Allow me to share six clues that helped me deduce this information.

A disclaimer before we go any further: Spoilers will be scattered through the sections below. I don't recommend reading on if you haven't watched all three seasons (Yes, THREE! With three episodes each! Isn't the Sherlock fandom fortunate?)
An additional disclaimer: I have watched a lot of Sherlock, and most of it was binge-watching. As such, I apologize if I confuse any dialogue or details. My mind palace is not as grand as Sherlock's.  

Now then, the game is on!

  1. Sherlock claims not to have friends, but that never stops Molly from being his friend. Even when Sherlock is demanding, inconsiderate, clueless or even a bit jerky,  Molly stands by him and shows kindness. For his part, Sherlock looks out for Molly in his own way, such as when he advises her to break up with "Jim." True, Sherlock usually takes Molly for granted and can be insensitive at times, but Molly remains his friend through thick and thin.

  2. Molly never treats Sherlock like an oddity. Because he's misunderstood and frequently misunderstands proper social norms, Sherlock is often viewed as a freak. Just look at how Sargent Donovan continually insults and mistrusts him. Molly, however, never does this. She is patient with Sherlock's shortcomings, overlooks many of his faults, and even finds some of his quirks endearing. In the third season, Sherlock says something to the effect of, "You can't always date sociopaths, now can you?" After he walks away, Molly answers softly, "Maybe it's just my type." Sociopaths aren't your type, Molly- but Sherlock seems to be. ;)
  3. Sherlock and Molly make an excellent team. Yes, Sherlock and John are a great crime-solving duo, but much of their work requires Molly's help, too. She gives Sherlock access to her lab and the morgue, (okay, that's not romantic, but it is useful), she changes her plans to help him, and when John isn't Sherlock's assistant, Molly is the next person Sherlock turns to. They would be a well-matched team outside of work, as well. Their personalities have a good balance, with Molly being sweet, energetic and easygoing yet strong, and Sherlock being sharp, mostly calm and driven yet too unsentimental. Both of them are loners and rather awkward at times, and both are quite smart. Sherlock may be better at solving cases and reading people, but Molly did attend medical school and is better at understanding people's emotions.
  4. Molly may have a crush on Sherlock, or even be truly in love with him, but that doesn't stop her from setting him straight. When he insults her, she tells him, "You always say the most horrible things." When he's caught in drug involvement ("It was for a case!" he protests,) Molly actually slaps him and scolds Sherlock for throwing away his gifts and worrying the people who care about him. And he accepts it, which is rare for Sherlock Holmes. (Just think of all the times Mycroft has tried to scold Sherlock!) Molly Hooper is able to be honest with Sherlock, and he seems to value her opinion of him. Even if he would never admit it. 
  5.  Sherlock cares for and trusts Molly. When she shows how much his sharp words have hurt her at the Christmas party, he actually apologizes, another rare occurrence for him. Molly is also the only person besides Mrs. Hudson to receive affection from Sherlock. He's growing to be kinder to her than most other people, and places great trust in her, eventually including her in a plan not even John knows. After Molly tells Sherlock she doesn't count, he later returns to confide in her and tell her, "You do count. You've always counted."

  6. Molly is always there for Sherlock She notices things about him others don't, such as when she tells Sherlock he looks sad when he thinks no one can see him. Molly is also the only person to notice Sherlock leaving John's wedding alone in Season 3. Before that, in Season 2, she is the one who helps save him. I'm pretty sure what Molly did for Sherlock there was illegal, but she meant it when she said she'd do anything at all to help him. Because of this, Molly truly turns out to be the one person that mattered the most.

    What have you deduced about Sherlock and Molly? Isn't the ship name, "Sherlolly" adorable? Are you a Sherlock-type in need of a Molly, or a Molly-type in love with a Sherlock? 


  1. I thought I would NEVER meet another Sherlock/Molly shipper. (Okay, to be honest I don't really ship them, because I ship Molly with eternal happiness and science.) But I definitely think Molly is an awesome character, even though the portrayal of her character and their relationship is mildly problematic.

    THAT GRAPHIC THOUGH. It's gorgeous.

  2. Yes yes YES!!! This is perfection ♥

  3. I didn't ship them at first. BUT NOW I DO. I will go down with this ship.

  4. I've thought they were great together since episode one. However, as much as I want them to be together, I don't think it'll ever happen in the show. I could be wrong of course (here's to optimism). I just want Molly to be happy :)

  5. Great post :) I don't actually ship these two (even though I adore them both individually) but I liked this post a lot anyway. Best show ever!