Friday, October 6, 2017

"Calamity" Read-Along Chapters 49-Epilogue

So, the last few chapters were pretty awesome. We got a David and Megan vs. Prof fight (which I've been looking forward to for the entire series), and we got to see the reveal of Calamity's true character. And this week? What awaits David in Calamity's space lair?

Chapter 49
He'd claimed the powers. Like Megan, he'd ripped the darkness from the abilities, and sent one sprawling away while seizing the others.
Prof's powers were now his, and not Calamity's. The motivator boxes were meaningless.
Prof is back and better than ever!

Chapter 50
"Look at a place where the Epics are free from your corruption. Look at the one who comes, the most terrible of them all. A murderer in our world, a destroyer. Look and see that here, Calamity, Steelheart himself is a hero!"
I really wanted David to be a better version of Steelheart, though.

Chapter 51
No, in this world, my father was the Epic.
What? Okay, that's awesome! I love that it's kind of come full circle, since David's dad stood up to Steelheart in the first chapter of the series.
" was pushing through them," Calamity whispered, looking from me to the others, "to save someone."
So the powers go wrong when people act selfishly, but when they prove Calamity wrong--when they not only face their fear but push through it to be selfless--they're no longer consumed by darkness. I love how close David has been this whole time, but he just didn't push the idea quite far enough.
There will be heroes. Just wait.
I seized the power within me.
Look what those comic books have done to you. Wearing a symbol and everything? Sparks, he was such a nerd.
Like father, like son, I guess.
This line just makes me smile so much. I really wish we'd gotten more time with David's dad. This scene is kind of adorable and a beautiful way to end the series.

Wow, you guys. These last few chapters have had so much action and emotion packed into them! Kudos to Brandon Sanderson for another fantastic series! (Also, I can't believe the series is over!)
Next week will be the wrap-up/fan-cast post, where I'll share my thoughts on the series as a whole and discuss which actors I'd like to see if The Reckoners is ever made into movies. See you guys then! (And be sure to let me know in the comments who you would like to see playing David, Megan, and the others on the big screen!)


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