Monday, September 25, 2017

'Calamity' Read-Along Chapters 45-48

I am so excited for this week's chapters! It looks like we're finally going to get a David/Megan vs. Prof battle...exactly what I've been hoping for ever since Prof gave in to his powers! Just...I really hope no one dies.
We're only doing four chapters today, with four chapters in the next post...and after that, a special wrap-up/fan-cast post! So comment and let me know what actors you think would be perfect for the roles of all the characters!

Chapter 45
The tensors hummed on my hands, eager. It was as if the powers themselves knew I was trying to save Prof. They sang me a battle hymn.
Wow. I LOVE this. It's probably my favorite line of the entire series.

The fight felt strangely perfect, for a time. Megan and I working side by side--voicelessly, each anticipating the other's moves. Incredible powers at our disposal, weapons in our hands. Together we forced a much more experienced Epic to retreat.
I can so see this as a movie scene, and it would be so cool!

Chapter 46
I blinked against the dust and smoke as Prof emerged from the shadows--grim, bloodied, but still not afraid.
Sparks. Still not afraid.
Ooooooh no, no, no...I know I said I wanted an Epic showdown but I didn't mean I wanted David and Megan to die! I take it back! I take it all back!

"You've failed, Prof," I said.
The forcefields faded and he stumbled.
"Tia's dead," Megan added. "You failed her."
I teared up at this, guys. The whole situation here, of these two having to tear down and try to kill someone they looked up to for so long...

Chapter 47
I was in some kind of...building, or ship? With glass walls?
What? What? He's in a space station?

Sparks. I was in the old international space station, but it had been transformed into glass.

"Hello, David," Larcener said.
I knew I didn't like this guy for a reason!
Chapter 48
"In Megan's parallel world," I whispered. "There you did leave, and the darkness never claimed the Epics. There, you remained...and you infected us somehow. Your hatred, your loathing. You turned each Epic into a copy of you, Calamity."
My name is David Charleston.
I clicked the button.
And I kill Epics.
The bomb detonated.
Wow. Okay. Well, that was a bit of a ride.  I'm still in a little bit of shock.
So what did you guys think of these chapters? Was the battle as Epic as you hoped? Were you surprised by the revelation of Calamity's identity?
Please don't forget to comment on this post and the next one to let me know who you would cast as the crew of The Reckoners series!


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