Sunday, June 4, 2017

Calamity Read-Along Chapters 15-19

Chapter 15

Prof's power was unique--he didn't just destroy matter, he sculpted it. It was beautiful destruction, and I found that I envied him. 
Yeah, me too. I've always imagined that if I had a superpower, I'd want something similar to a firebender's powers. But I really, really like Prof's powers too.

Chapter 16

I started, turning, and found Firefight kneeling beside me. He wasn't aflame like he had been at the Foundry; right now he looked like a normal man, wearing a business suit with a very narrow tie. 
How... what? WHAT?!? I mean, I know Firefight is an apparition from another world that Megan pulls through to their world. But to have him spontaneously appear while Megan's working a totally different illusion, and to have him speak to David...

I didn't dare breathe. I was in another place for a moment. Another crying child. Another hushed room.
Aaaaaand gut punch. This is a fantastic call back to the first book.

Chapter 17

"I keep wondering," she whispered. "Is next time going to be the time? The time I come back and am obviously different?"
Awwww Megan. Sometimes I just want to give her a big hug.

"No, and... wait, when did I call you a hippo?"
"Last week. You were drowsy."
Sparks. Didn't remember that one.
Hahaha. For being a badass chick with a penchant for cool guns, Megan puts up with David awfully well.
"We're not moments, Megan, you and me. We're events."
Awww I think I will die from the feels right here. They are adorable and my OTP and doggone it if they die I will set fire to this book.
Only one sentence struck me: Is it right? Three solitary words, alone in their own corner. The rest of the writing was cramped, words fighting with one another for space like too many fish in a tiny tank. But these sat on their own.
Gee, let's just cram this chapter full to bursting with feels.

Chapter 18

"That door isn't going to do at all," the man said. "Far too easy to get through. I thought you people would be capable!"
Oh good grief.

Chapter 19

"Oh?" Larcener said. "And didn't you spend your entire career doing exactly what an Epic told you?"
*glares* I don't like him. I don't trust him. Not. One. Bit.

We were specks of mud on the window; he was a giant, vengeful bottle of spray cleaner.
Extra-strength lemon scent.
Now is not the time.

Also, my entire reaction to this situation with Larcener could best be summed up by this:
Well. That was kind of a roller coaster, wasn't it? (Also can we talk more about how adorable David and Megan are? In their own strange, weapons-obsessed way.) Does anyone suspect Larcener of more nefarious purposes, or do you agree with David and think he's just scared and on the run?


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