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The Flash Reaction: "Finish Line" (3x23)

Spoilers included for The Flash.

Savitar kidnaps Cisco so he can rebuild the speed bazooka to send Savitar into all of time. Meanwhile, Barry tries to reach out to Savitar and give him the help he needs.

"The future's ours again." -Barry

What I Liked
Plot twist
The twist that Iris wasn't dead but it was HR in disguise was... fantastic. They definitely had us going that Iris was dead. I'm not happy about HR dying, but it makes sense that he made the sacrifice.

Team Flash
It was exciting to see Team Flash back in action. Harry returned to help out, Julian came back with a cure for Caitlin, and Gypsy showed up just in time to save Cisco. It was exciting. They did great.

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I'm impressed that Barry and Iris reached out to Savitar, tried to help him even after everything Savitar did. I kind of wonder why they didn't do that in the first place, especially when Barry learned that Savitar was a time remnant of himself who didn't feel accepted. If they would have included him from the beginning, would that have changed anything? Also, Barry phasing into the Savitar suit was so cool. (Again, why didn't they do that sooner?) His resolve not to kill Savitar, not to turn into Savitar, was good. Barry did good.

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What I Didn't Like
While I'm glad Caitlin is no longer "Killer Frost," I'm still not sure how I feel about who she's become. It's a little odd that she snapped out of her "frozen heart" syndrome so easily when they've been trying for months to reach her. She didn't take the cure, but she didn't take their help either. I don't think she's going to be gone-gone from the show, but it's a bit odd she's leaving. I just want her to be happy. I want her to be back at STAR Labs with Cisco, and I want her to be happy with Julian.

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HR's death was sad and unexpected. At times, I enjoyed HR's character, and others times I didn't like him. I couldn't imagine they'd keep HR for another season, though. His last words to Cisco were heart-wrenching, and I feel bad for Tracy. It's going to take time for Team Flash to move past this.

I have to hand it to Savitar, his plan to create an inter-dimensional splice to fragment himself throughout time in order to avoid the paradox... was brilliant. His downfall was trusting someone who hates him. I felt the latter half of the episode went by fast, and it was annoying how easily they stopped Savitar. Sure, they had their speedster rumble between Savitar, Barry, Wally, and Jay, but it didn't live up to my expectations. It was so fast; Iris shoots him, he dissolves, bye bye Savitar. It was disappointing.

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Speed Force prison
The whole "the Speed Force prison needs an occupant" is a load of garbage. Previous to this season, we didn't know anything about the Speed Force prison (unless I can't remember because all the time travel is confusing and adds in so much stuff to keep track of), and all of a sudden it's the turning point with everything. Why does it have to be Barry? Why can't another speedster go in? And why is Barry so calm about it? I hate that he just walks right in, leaving Iris behind like it's no big deal. I don't really think this plot is going to last long into season four because how can you have a show about the Flash without the Flash? It's just weird and not what I was expecting.

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This season of The Flash had a lot of strong points between the new characters and the excellent plot twists. Somehow, though, I felt that this season finale episode didn't live up to the expectations. Everything they built up to with Iris' death in the previous episode immediately vanished within the first few minutes of this episode, and then from there, it kind of took an odd turn. I don't like how the episode ended because I don't know how I feel about Barry having to "pay penance" for his choices. I feel that dealing with Savitar was enough penance. There were several loose threads that weren't tied up, including stuff with Savitar's connections to Julian and Wally. I hope they address this in the future, but I just hope there is a future worth watching of The Flash.

What did you think of "Finish Line"? What are you looking forward to in season four?


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