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The Flash Reaction: "Cause and Effect" (3x21)

Spoilers included for The Flash.

Team Flash tries to wipe Barry's memory in order to keep Savitar from knowing their plans to stop him. Barry, however, forgets who he is completely, and Cecile needs him to testify at a trial. Meanwhile, HR tries not to distract Tracy as she finishes her "speed force bazooka" to stop Savitar.

"Hi, I'm Barry Allen. You can call me Bart." -Barry

What I Liked
I'm pleasantly surprised we got an explanation of how Savitar came to be. I like that it connects to ideas that were introduced in past seasons, like the time remnant, but it also connects with future Barry trying to stop Savitar. It's awfully clever that Savitar is the time remnant that was created to stop Savitar. Annnnd Savitar's suit is sentient, which is just flipping awesome. Ever since they revealed who Savitar is, he's become a much more interesting villain.

Barry was surprisingly great in this episode. When he didn't remember who he was, he was adorkable and hilarious, especially when he kept ramming into things when he was using his super speed. But it was also memorable when he remembered he who was. He realizes the pain and darkness in his past helped shape who he is and the hero he has become and he shouldn't try to change that. I like how far he's grown in the past season.

(◠‿◠✿) Bart! (source)

Iris was also surprisingly wonderful in this episode. It was absolutely adorable when she was reminding Barry who he was and how much they love each other. It was touching that she also wanted to keep Barry as he was--happy and carefree. In the end, though, she made the right decision to have his memories restored.

Same. (source)

HR and Tracy
These two kill me. I ship them so much, and it's actually happening! I love that they distract each other, but they also support one another. HR encourages Tracy to finish her speed force bazooka, and she does! Go, Tracy! Go!

Throughout this episode, Julian was the best (as always). From his reaction to Barry forgetting who he was to when he tried to help Barry during the trial--sending messages and emojis--it was fun! But the end ripped my heart out. He admitted he loved Caitlin! (Breathe, just breathe.) But unfortunately, she rejected him--all of them, really. Poor Julian. *ugly sobbing*

*snort* (source)

Killer Frost
Killer Frost was great in this. I like that she's still super intelligent even if she's a "villain." (Thank you, writers, for not taking that away from her.) And that she wanted to help them, even if it was originally for her gang. BUT... she's starting to thaw! I can see it. I'm so excited. This is going to be fantastic.

*gasp* (source)

What I Didn't Like
Filler episode
This episode was definitely a filler episode (which is annoying). I'm starting to like the TV shows like on the BBC or Netflix that only have 8-13 episodes because the season isn't dragged out for no particular reason. Still, it was a good filler episode. It had its moments and there was a little breakthrough here and there with their Savitar plan. But overall, their plan failed and they're back where they started, which is disappointing.

Oh boy! (source)

Heat Monger
I don't know what the deal was with Heat Monger, but it was annoying. Yes, they needed someone to be on trial and then cause mayhem in Central City for plot reasons, but I don't understand why he had to have fire guns? Was he trying to be the new Heat Wave? That was lame. The writers could have been a little bit more creative with the character, giving him something more than just "let's catch this building on fire." But alas, they didn't, and as a result, I don't care.

King Shark
I have no idea what was happening with the end scene and King Shark. Did he escape his cage in ARGUS? How? Or is that his cage in ARGUS? What was that glowing red object--that I'm assuming is a power source Team Flash needs for the bazooka--and why is King Shark trying to get it? Is it a shark egg? Or is it something else? I need answers! Now.

My son, you've grown so much. *clutches heart* (source)

For the most part, this episode was fun--even funny. There were also moments of heartbreak and growth for the characters. It had a lot of good moments, but it still felt like a filler episode. The characters didn't make any improvements in their plans to stop Savitar. Sure, Tracy finished the speed cannon bazooka. Savitar did forget who he was and what he was planning, and the part of Caitlin within Killer Frost is starting to fight through. But overall? Nothing exceptional happened, not like in the previous episode. With only two episodes left for the season, I hope The Flash steps up its game.

What did you think of "Cause and Effect"?


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