Saturday, May 6, 2017

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Four Mini-Reactions: Episodes 18-20


It's been a few weeks in real-time, and in the Framework, so much has happened. What did we miss while we were away? Um... quite a bit. Let's dig in...

"No Regrets" (4x18)


My Favorite Moments

★ Tripp! I was spoiled that he'd come back (thanks to the AOS Facebook and the fact that I was behind on episodes), but that didn't make his return any less triumphant or exciting.
★ I loved May's character development in this episode. Her moment of change was visceral and clear, and I absolutely loved that. Amazing writing.

My Least Favorite Moments

★ I don't like that Fitz's dad is back. Ew. No. Go away.
★ Mace is gone! No! Why?! He was one of my favorite characters, and I can't believe he's dead. I got mildly spoiled by Brett Dalton's Instagram, but I was hoping it would be a half-death or a fake out death. Nope. I'm pretty sure he's officially dead. While almost no one stays dead in the S.H.I.E.L.D. universe (the Framework is proof), this is still a pretty huge blow.

Favorite Quote

"What is it about that guy? Every time I see him, I get this weird itch. Like hives. Did we get along?" - Coulson

I'm just not okay. Mace. Just... Mace. I'm going to miss him so much.

Hold me.--(source)

"All the Madame's Men" (4x19)


My Favorite Moments

★ Coulson's monologue. That was incredible. Almost on the level of his "we are not agents of nothing" speech way back when.
★ Tripp's "Come on, girl." That was adorable.
★ Daisy and Ward's moment was heartbreakingly beautiful. I'm not ready to lose Ward yet. And clearly, Ward isn't ready to say goodbye either.
★ Again, I see the parallels to real life, especially because of the dialogue. "Alternative facts." "Nevertheless, she persisted." I see what you're doing, writers. And I love it.

My Least Favorite Moments

★ Bakshi's propaganda. While it was interesting to see another familiar face, I'm not as fond of seeing evil familiar faces.
★ Aida wants to be human. NO NO NO NO NO. Will you stop?!
★ Speaking of that, how in the world did she figure out how to generate living matter? It was left completely unexplained.

Favorite Quote
"It's like a hangover made of bees." - Daisy

This world is a mess. But I love the way it's being executed. Even if it makes me a gigantic stress ball.

"Farewell, Cruel World!" (4x20)

My Favorite Moments
★ Tripp. Adorable.
★ Hope. Adorable.
★ Tripp and Hope together? Adorable.
★ Radcliffe had a sort of redemption arc, and I appreciate that.

My Least Favorite Moments

★ COULSON?! I believe my exact reaction was, "Nonononono... no... no... NO!" (My mom can testify.) Thank goodness he's okay. For now. I would be so mad if the MCU killed him twice.
★ Fitz??? Jemma? Nothing will be okay for those two ever again.
★ Mack might be gone, and I'm not okay.

Favorite Quotes

There were too many to pick just one.

Hope: "You're just saying that because you escaped and kicked Madame Hydra's--"
Mack: "Hey, don't you dare say it."
Daisy: "Butt. Rear."
Hope: "Pooper."
Daisy: "Saltshaker. Moneymaker."
Hope: "Ass."
"They did not just go and use the Bible against me." - Mack
"Stinking robots." -Coulson

Every year, around this time, my stress levels sky rocket. I have realized it is because of this show. 

Also, Mack might be gone. It's not okay.

Did you watch any of these episodes? Please, commiserate with me.


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