Friday, April 21, 2017

Telling Tales: 4 Theories about Pirates 5

The Pirates of the Caribbean series features plenty of strange mythologies and wild adventures, and the newest addition to the story looks to continue that tradition—including such familiar concepts as ghost pirates and mythological treasures. Still, quite a bit of mystery surrounds the story and characters in Dead Men Tell No Tales. It’s hard to resist trying to figure out what’s going to happen next! In that spirit, here are four of my theories about what we could see in Dead Men Tell No Tales.


1) Will Turner abandons his duty of ferrying the dead

When we last saw Captain Turner, he was returning to shore at the end of his first decade aboard the Flying Dutchman. He was reunited with his wife and met their son, and from that brief scene, it could be assumed they all lived bittersweetly ever after.

Except Will’s back in Dead Men Tell No Tales, and he’s not looking the least bit happy. Actually, he looks very much like his predecessor, which begs the question: has Will stopped ferrying the dead as Davy Jones had done before him? Is that why he’s taking on the eerie, sea-ish appearance?


2) The return of the Black Pearl
A Pirates movie without the Black Pearl is all-around odd. Something about it just doesn’t quite fit. Luckily, we were left with the potential for the iconic ship’s return at the end of On Stranger Tides. The official description of Dead Men Tell No Tales includes a description of Jack’s new ship, but no mention of the Pearl.

Clips in the trailer seem to point to the possibility though, so I’m hopeful. The Black Pearl is a proper character in her own right, and I’ll be happy to see her make a return to the screen. Please.

3) The death of Barbossa
One of my favorite antagonists-turned-(semi)protagonist is Hector Barbossa. Last we saw him in On Stranger Tides, he was the new captain of the Queen Anne’s Revenge. We see a few glimpses of him in the trailer, including a visit from the new villain Salazar. It doesn’t look like a fun meeting, so it makes me wonder if Salazar is either coming to make a trade with Barbossa or to kill him. (After all, his goal is to eradicate piracy—and Barbossa would make an excellent target.)

4) Will and Elizabeth are reunited in the afterlife
Elizabeth’s cameo in the new international trailer was quite a surprise to me! Unlike other returning characters, this is her only appearance, and it makes me wonder about a long-standing theory of mine: that Elizabeth died at some point during Will’s second decade aboard the Dutchman.

If she is dead, this could be a reason for Will to turn away from his task of ferrying the dead. It would also give their son a motive to seek a way to break the curse—not unlike Will’s quest to save his own father—and find a way to reunite them. Such an ending would be bittersweet but also fitting for the Turners.

What do you think will happen in Dead Men Tell No Tales? Tell me your theories!


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