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Sky's Review of Kong: Skull Island

When I first saw the trailers for Kong: Skull Island, I was intrigued but didn't know when I'd get to see it or if it was something I needed to see immediately (unlike Logan... more on that later). However, when my friend invited me to go see it, I happily jumped at the chance. I wasn't sure if I would like it, but I ended up being pleasantly surprised. Here's what I liked about Kong: Skull Island! (Spoilers are hidden.)


The characters

Kong: Skull Island presents a varied cast, a group of adventurers who each come at the situation from different viewpoints and walks of life. This made for an interesting plot with various twists and turns and lots of conflict. The characters were also extremely likable. I hope we get to see more of them!

Pictured, three of my favorites: Slivko, Weaver, and Conrad.--(source)

The King himself

One incredible thing about this movie was its subversion of expectations. Spoiler, highlight to read: I started out the movie hating Kong, but by the end, I loved him. I loved his design, his animation, and his characterization. I loved the movie's usage of empathy and twists. It sends a good message, I think, about caring for those who are different than us. I loved it.
The location

Skull Island was harsh and unforgiving, but the locations that they chose to shoot in were absolutely beautiful. I mean, I'm not saying I would like to visit there, but I appreciated the visual appeal it added to the movie. (The other locations like the cities in the beginning of the movie were beautiful, too!)

The cinematography and aesthetic

In addition to the location, the cinematography and aesthetic in this movie were both stunning. The location, the historical setting, and the fact that Mason Weaver was a photographer all contributed to the style of this movie coming together in a gorgeous way that I didn't expect.

The music

The music fit perfectly with the historical period of the film but also the discomfort, discord, and uneasy vibe of the island. In particular, loved how perfectly the electric guitars meshed with the overall feeling of the movie. It was very well done.

The creatures

I was so scared during this movie, but in the best way. I like that the movie expanded on the mythos of large creatures beyond just a huge gorilla. I'm definitely hopeful for a sequel so we can get to see even more semi-creepy things.

The emotions

What's this? Kong has feels, you say? Yes, yes, it does. Without getting too spoiler-y, I'll say that it has a good message and an ending as the credits play that will make your heart get all gooey inside in the best of ways. (Also, don't be a fool like I was--stay till the very end of the credits!)

Bonus: Tom Hiddleston

Okay, okay, I'll be honest: 99.9% of the reason I saw this movie was because of Tom Hiddleston, and he was perfect in this movie. Spoiler, highlight to read: (Also, that scene where he had the gas mask on and was running through the green gas in slow-motion shooting all the birds? That was visually stunning and took my breath away. I was very weak. All-time favorite.) I enjoyed this movie so much partially because of him. I am not ashamed.

Even though the movie was fantastic, there were, as there are with all films, a few things I didn't like. 


I wish there had been more diversity

The cast was diverse, but it could have been better. I wish that the characters like Brooks and San had been able to take the lead. Spoiler, highlight to read: While Samuel L. Jackson was a lead character, he ended up not being the best representation since he ended up "going bad" by the end of the movie. Yes, this movie had lots of POC characters, but they could have had bigger roles. I hope that if we get a sequel, the movie will improve on that.

Brooks and San--(source)

I wish there had been more ladies allowed to be center characters

Mason Weaver, the photographer, was actually one of my favorite characters in this movie. While she may not fit everyone's perception of what a badass female character looks like, I do think she was a really interesting character and a valuable addition to the female characters of the film world. I liked her mission to document the world through her camera. She was very cool, so I'm not criticizing her or saying she wasn't feminist at all. In fact, I absolutely loved her. However, I think we can always do better. In the future, I hope the Kong franchise brings even more female characters into the spotlight. I also wish we had been able to see more of San. I was very intrigued by her and wished to know more.

Mason Weaver--(source)


Kong: Skull Island pleasantly surprised me by becoming a new favorite. It was a high-paced action movie that kept me on my toes, yet had a surprising amount of heart. I definitely enjoyed it, and I'll definitely be back for more!


Have you seen Kong: Skull Island? What were your thoughts?


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