Monday, March 13, 2017

Six Fangirl-Worthy Guest Stars in The X-Files

The X-Files actually helped launch several now-famous actors and actresses. Did you know that not only are there several Breaking Bad stars in various episodes of The X-Files, but also one of the writers and directors for Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan, helped write and produce The X-Files? (Does this mean Breaking Bad and The X-Files take place in the same universe???) 

Here are six "Fangirl-Worthy" guest stars in The X-Files that may not have been famous then, but certainly are now. 

Mark Sheppard in Fire (1x12)
(source: x-files wiki)
The King of Fandoms himself appears as a creepy British guy with... explosive abilities and a fiery motive. (Ah, the pun possibilities.) Sheppard is known for his appearances in... I mean, just about everything: Firefly, Supernatural, Doctor Who... what else?

Jack Black in D.P.O (03x03)
Jack Black is on the left (source: x-files wiki)
Jack Black makes a very brief appearance as the friend of a guy with the ability to summon lightning. Around my family, however, Jack Black is Po, the Kung Fu fighting panda.

Jewel Staite in Oubliette (03x08)
(source: x-files wiki)
Before Firefly and Serenity, Jewel Staite does a fantastic job playing a terrified little girl in this episode of The X-Files. Did you know that she was only 13 years old in this episode? 

Ryan Reynolds in Syzygy (03x13)
(source: google images)
Before he was the Green Lantern and waaaay before he became Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds makes an appearance as a chubby jock with an unfortunate ending in this really bizarre X-Files episode. 

Bryan Cranston in Drive (06x02)
(source: google images)
Let's all take a second to admire that 'stache on everybody's favorite drug dealer. While there were at least three different Breaking Bad actors in The X-Files, I decided to go ahead and only mention Bryan Cranston right now. Did you know that he was supposed to audition for another role in the episode but due to a miscommunication he thought he was the main character and even grew the facial hair for it and managed to convince the directors to give him the role? This is also how he met Vince Gilligan.

Shia LeBeouf in The Goldberg Variation (07x06)
LOOK AT THIS CUTIE (source: google images)
SHIA SURPRISE. Yes, I saved the best for last. (I was also going in chronological order, so...) Anyway, yes, before he got... weird, Shia had a brief appearance in The X-Files as an adorable kid with a serious illness. I haven't seen it myself yet but now that I know Shia's in there I feel like I need to see it...

What other stars that you know appeared in The X-Files? Out of the ones I listed, what are your favorite movies or shows that they appear in outside of The X-Files?


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