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Disney's Beauty and the Beast: Myers-Briggs Personality Types

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With the release of the live-action Beauty and the Beast this week, I thought I'd type the characters in the animated movie--because who doesn't love finding out the Myers-Briggs type of their favorite characters? I find it fascinating. I wonder if the new characters will have the same types!

So, without further ado, here are the personality types of the Beauty and the Beast characters.

Belle: INFJ

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Belle is a discontent dreamer. I've seen her typed a lot as an INFP, which, an argument could be made for that as well. But it's the discontent part that makes me think she's an INFJ. She's too practical to be an INFP. She knows what she wants and she takes steps to get there. She wants to be somewhere else, so she reads. All the time. She wants to wander the castle, so she does. She has very strong feelings, but she always channels them into action, a product of the Introverted Intuition/ Extraverted Feeling dynamic that INFJs have going on. Her responses are very deliberate and lack the energetic illogicality of an INFP.

The Beast (Prince Adam): INFP

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The Beast is just a big, fuzzy ball of feels. I'm sure being turned into a beast as a child probably had some sort of bearing on his mental functions, but as he exists now, he's definitely an INFP. Extraverted Thinking is lowest on an INFP's function stack, hence the reason that everything he does is guided by his feelings rather than rational thought. He's lost hope that a girl will like him, partially because he's a beast, but mostly because his mind is hardwired to not believe that anyone will live up to his standards. He takes everything personally, a very common trait in INFPs. But he also understands Belle's needs, hence the library and letting her see her father. Also, Belle and the Beast seem to have an INFP/INFJ relationship, another reason I believe she's not an INFP.

Maurice: INTP

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Maurice is the inventor. He's too dreamy and unsure to be an INTJ. Definitely Introverted Thinking: he's always lost inside his head, explaining half-ideas so often that everyone thinks he's crazy. But his inventions actually do work, hence the Thinking. He's very absent-minded, but also very enthusiastic about it. Definitely INTP.

Gaston: ESFP

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Gaston is 100% Extraverted Sensing, an ESFP's primary function. He's all about the aesthetic. He loves his reflection and cares too much about his appearance to be anything else. Plus, he even admires Belle's beauty. He always has to be the center of attention, and every time he's the center of attention, it has to be a big to-do, which is all ESFP. Thinking and Intuition are low the ESFP stack, hence his contempt for reading and people who do. When he goes to attack the Beast, he doesn't think it through at all, he just uses his charisma to inspire the townsfolk to follow him. No doubt about this one.


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LeFou is very sincere and loyal and energetic--all qualities of an ESFJ--he's just not very bright. Thinking and Intuition are also lowest on the ESFJ stack, making Gaston an easy person for LeFou to latch onto. He's sociable, drawing everyone in the tavern into kissing up to Gaston like he does, and he's always eager to help, both manifestations of Extraverted Feeling, an ESFJ's primary function. He just wants everyone to be happy. Especially Gaston.

Lumiere: ENFJ

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Lumiere takes it upon himself to be the leader in the castle. He has lots of grand ideas and does whatever it takes to make sure people are making those ideas come about. His Extraverted Feeling--an ENFJ's primary function--allows him to understand people, which he uses to get them to do whatever he wants. Thinking is lowest on his stack of functions, hence the reason his schemes just happen, much to the irritation of Cogsworth.

Cogsworth: ISTJ

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Cogsworth is the rule-following one who keeps reminding everyone of their duty to the master. He needs everything to be in order according to what he believes is right, and Lumiere and the rest of the castle staff cause him no end of grief by not following his rules and order. Very ISTJ.

Mrs. Potts: ISFJ

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Mrs. Potts is the reliable, supportive, motherly type. She takes care of everyone and makes sure everything is in order according to her specific ideals, which is very indicative of Introverted Sensing, an ISFJ's primary function. She also makes sure everyone is happy, indicating an ISFJ's secondary function: Extraverted Feeling.

Chip: ENFP*

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Chip is too young to properly type, but he seems to be growing into an ENFP. He's excitable and idealistic, always wanting to be with people and have things going on. An ENFP's primary function is Extraverted Intuition, which shows itself in the fact that he's always trying to take in and understand everything going on around him and expressing how he feels about it (which is an indication of Introverted Feeling, an ENFP's secondary function).

Do you share a type with any of the characters? Do you think any of them should be typed differently? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. Oh my! Looks like I'm Chip, which I do NOT have a problem with. Love this. Looks like you did a fantastic job.

    Also, never realized Myers-Briggs personality types had information on relationship compatibility. Interesting.