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Arrow Reaction: "Kapiushon" (5x17)

Warning: Arrow is rated TV-14 for mature content, including violence and language. Spoilers included below.

Prometheus tortures Oliver in order to get him to spill his secrets. In the flashbacks, Oliver comes head-to-head with Constantine Kovar.

"See how easy it is to think first and kill people later?" -Anatoly

What I Liked
I haven't been a complete fan of the Russia flashbacks thus far. Some things were interesting, others weren't; it's been pretty back and forth for me (but definitely better than season four). The same can be said of this episode. If they connected it more fully with the present-day scenes (I don't know--maybe Adrian Chase should be Kovar's son?), it would be more meaningful. While I haven't been totally invested in the flashbacks this season, this episode had its moments in Russia.

Anatoly is the only reason I'm still interested in the Russia events. (source)

I do think the show benefits from the Russia flashbacks because they don't hold back with being gritty and realistic. There is violence, blood, and fighting. It's an important step in telling Oliver's story, so it has its moments of merit. Plus, Anatoly is a great character.

Also, I find it interesting that Malcolm Merlyn plays a part in the flashbacks. It makes me wonder if he's going to return soon, since we know he's one of Oliver's reoccurring foes. Hmm...

This was the best part of the episode. (source)

What I Didn't Like
Adrian Chase
This is the first episode in a while that I'm tired of Adrian Chase. He's more than cruel. And while Josh Segarra's acting is phenomenal, I'm not comfortable with the turn of events involving Prometheus. He has his own personal vendetta, yet I don't understand why. This cannot just be because Oliver killed his father five years ago. Oliver has killed many people, and nobody has personally hunted him down in this manner before. There has to be more going on, and the writers have yet to hint at that, so I'm at the point where I don't care. I'm, however, not worried about these turn of events. They signed on season six, so it's not like Oliver is going to die or stop being the Green Arrow permanently. He'll come back. (And when he's died before, he came back. So again, not worried, just bored.)

He is terrifying. (source)

I almost had pity for Evelyn in this episode. I almost did. But then she turned around and tricked Oliver again. Freaking again. I want to know more about her than Adrian Chase at this point, though. Why is she doing this? What did Prometheus tell her? She's more interesting than anybody else right now, and we have yet to get anything more about her.

This was so sad... (source)

Why can't people in this show ever stay dead? Honestly, everybody who "dies" comes back. Except for Tommy and Laurel, which is a crime. I mean, we all knew Kovar wasn't dead, right? Was anybody actually shocked by that? (Which is why I was curious if it would connect to the present-day events.)

Team Arrow
Was Team Arrow even in this episode? I forgot if they were because they played no vital part. They did nothing. This episode was isolated to the Adrian vs Oliver scenes and the Russia flashbacks. It was intriguing, but I miss Team Arrow. We need some light in this show, and Curtis and Rene and Felicity (and Rory, where are you?) are that light.

Oh, look... there's Team Arrow. Being sad. Again. (source)

While there were many moments in this episode where I adored Oliver, especially for his resilience and strength, I was also disappointed in the turn of events. To make Oliver kill because he "wants to" or because he "enjoys it" is stupid. It washes out everything that has happened over the past five seasons. And it's a problem. Yes, Oliver isn't perfect; he's not a superhero like Superman or the Flash. He has his own ways of dealing with problems, which usually are grittier and often include killing. But to make his entire reasoning for such acts be due to the fact that he wants to is just disappointing and too far. They're making it a part of his nature instead of a choice, so he can't escape it ever. And it makes the show so dark, so depressing. Oliver has come so far since his first days as the hooded vigilante; he has changed his ways, built a new life, and trained many people who trust him. I know Prometheus is digging under Oliver's skin to make him atone for what he's done, but I don't know why there can't be forgiveness and redemption. (After all, he didn't kill Evelyn. He wouldn't even touch her, despite her attempts to attack him.) Oliver as mayor, Oliver as the Green Arrow, Oliver as a hero--all of it vanished during this episode.

Stephen Amell's acting in this episode was amazing, though. (source)

And while he wants to quit being the Green Arrow and shut down the whole operation, I don't believe it'll stop. Part of it is because I know there is a season six, and I know Oliver won't die, but instead something will happen that will bring him back to being the Green Arrow. But the other part is that I can't believe that this show would come this far only to thrust itself back into darkness. Oliver is supposed to be better. He is better. I don't know why he can't be, why there constantly has to be this "war" between himself and this supposed darkness inside of him, why there is this idea that someone can't be redeemed from their past mistakes. I don't want to live in a world where a person--fictional or real--can't be redeemed.

I'm sorry, but that is the face of a man who cares a lot, who is trying to be better... give him a chance! (source)

This episode was uncomfortable and depressing. I didn't care for the Russia flashbacks as much because it has been dragging and feels as if nothing is being accomplished there. Adrian Chase is terrifying, Evelyn is terrible, and Oliver has hit rock bottom... again. I don't know where this show is going, but I'm not sure how much I care either. As we get closer to the season finale, I'm counting on some semblance of hope and redemption to pull through, otherwise... I don't want to watch anymore.

What did you think of "Kapiushon"?


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