Sunday, February 26, 2017

Why You Should Watch The Lego Batman Movie

The Lego Batman Movie released in theaters this past month, yet I haven't seen a lot of excitement about it. I mean, it's Batman + Legos. How could that not be cool? Anyways, if the concept of Batman and Legos in the same film doesn't sway you, here are a few more reasons to convince you to watch The Lego Batman Movie.

Batman Characters

Okay, so obviously Batman is in the film and is voiced by Will Arnett, who also voiced him in The Lego Movie. So consistency is great. But the film also features a plethora of notable characters from Batman lore, including (finally) Dick Grayson! We haven't had a live-action Robin incarnation in a theatrical film since 1997. That's twenty years! So, it's exciting. Alfred and Barbara Gordon (aka Batgirl) are also in this film, and they kick butt. It's awesome. (Everything is awesome.)

Of course, there are plenty of villains as well. Joker, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Bane, Scarecrow, Riddler, Two-Face, Catwoman... the list could go on. They literally included every single Batman villain ever, in some capacity. Even obscure ones from the comics. It was perfect. And hilarious.

The Justice League also make an appearance, which is fun. And there are a few other characters here and there that pop in... but spoilers! Overall, though, the makers did a fantastic job with including Batman characters for this film.

Batman Lore
The Lego Batman Movie is chock full of references to Batman's 75+ years of history. From the comics to every live-action show or film (yes, even the 1960s Batman show), there are so many references made during this film. They even referenced movies that came out last year like Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad. It was wild. I don't think I even caught all the references, but the makers definitely did their research. And while I don't think most younger kids will understand everything, I think their research paid off. It provided another layer of humor for Batman and comic book fans.

Batman Legos
This is pretty self-explanatory, but The Lego Batman Movie is great simply because it's Batman, but as a Lego. Thus, the animation is marvelous. And the story-telling is fun because of all the Lego aspects, such as building weapons or gadgets from the surrounding rubble. This movie includes everything that was awesome about The Lego Movie but with Batman as the focus. The humor, the story-telling, and the animation give a new twist on the Dark Knight--a lighter twist (which, in my opinion, is great, since I'm tired of all the dark and gloomy superhero story lines as of late).

Batman Jokes/Puns
Humor is definitely a big part of this film. Along with the Lego humor and the Batman references, this movie also has a lot of Batman puns and jokes. I mean, how could it not? Almost every Lego video game or movie thrives off the humor and perfectly crafted dialogue. The Lego Batman Movie is no exception. It's full of jokes, such as Batman's password being "Iron Man Sucks" or Batman's voice-over at the beginning of the film (honestly, the best part). Even the soundtrack includes all the Batman puns. It was so perfect, I bet Joker was crying in the corner the whole time. Actually...

Because it's Batman
I mean, honestly, you should just watch it because it's a Batman film. It has action and Batman gadgets throughout, like any Batman film. There are danger and villains. Batman has to save the day by doing something crazy (and awesome). It just also happens to have Legos, humor, and a light-heartedness you can't always find in other Batman films. But overall, this film can definitely hold its own against other Batman films. It was pretty epic. Because it's Batman!

Have you seen The Lego Batman Movie? Do you think it deserves more attention?


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