Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Flash Reaction: "Untouchable" (3x12)

Spoilers for The Flash included.

Team Flash tracks a meta-human connected to Flashpoint that has the ability to make people decompose at an accelerated rate. Meanwhile, Iris tells Joe about Barry's trip to the future.

"Run, Wally. Run." -Barry
What I Liked
It makes me happy to see Wally so excited about training. His race with Barry was absolutely adorable, especially because the STAR Labs gang took bets on who would win. I'm also excited that Wally learned how to phase in order to save the day. He's come a long way, and I can't wait to see how he'll help Barry save Iris and stop Savitar.

Classic. (source)
Cecil and her daughter, Joanie
I like Joe and Cecil together. It's nice to see him happy for once (becuase the rest of this episode was a doozy for him). And it was hilarious that Cecil's daughter, Joanie, loves Kid Flash. That entire conversation about who was the better hero was perfection. So cute.

As always, I adore Julian. He's quickly become a favorite character, and I adore him working with Caitlin. It was both fun and aggravating (because he is a jerk at times). He's just a precious cinnamon roll trying to help Team Flash and also follow CCPD protocol. But the best moment was, of course, when he helped Caitlin control Killer Frost. It was amazing, and I'm freaking out that she asked him to get drinks and basically I SHIP IT SO HARD.

*clutches chest* my heART (source)

Vibing Flashpoint
I'm pleased they're using Cisco's abilities more frequently. It's about time. I thought it was pretty cool that they vibed the Flashpoint universe/timeline to help with their case. A+ ideas, writers.

Train phasing
Of course, Barry phasing the entire train to save it was flipping epic. I wish Wally could have been confident enough to help, but I guess they needed him to save the day by defeating the meta. Still, it was awesome.

I'm so glad she's back! Even if it means that Harry is in danger, I'm stoked. I've been waiting for Harry and Jesse to return. (Because how could they not return now that they need help defeating Savitar?) I'm so excited. Plus! Gorilla Grodd is back, which is going to be awesome. You can't go wrong with the biggest villains of the Flash.

Wally: Jesse!!!!! Me: Same. (source)

What I Didn't Like
Poor Joe
Throughout this entire episode, I just felt so bad for Joe. Not only was everybody nagging him to choose whether Barry or Wally is the better speedster, but then this creepy dude shows up trying to kill him and then his family AND he learns that Iris might die soon. Give the man a break, people! Poor Joe.

Poor Iris
I also felt bad for Iris. She seemed so strong in the last episode, but she was only fooling herself. She is terrified of the future and the possibility of dying. I can't even imagine how that would feel to know that day is coming. But I also adore that she had such confidence in Caitlin to use her abilities to stop the decomposition. It's nice that there are strong female friendships on TV, and we desperately need Iris to stick around for the entire Team Flash's sake. I didn't realize how important she is to the show until this episode. Please don't die!

*sniffles* (source)

While I liked that the bad guy was super creepy and unique, I'm still tired of Flashipoint affecting everything. I thought that plot line was resolved (along with Evil Killer Frost Caitlin). The logic of Flashpoint still bothers me: Why does Barry saving his mother make a chef and a musician become cops instead? It doesn't make sense. And... I wasn't even worried about Iris dying. I knew they'd pull through and save her because there has to be this big, epic tension for the finale. If someone else's life was in danger, I might believe it, but not Iris. (I was bit worried Caitlin would turn though because the future says she will; so that was the only worry I had in this episode.)

"Untouchable" was a decent episode. It had the right amount of excitement and danger as well as a connection to the overall season arc. I'm glad they're finally appreciating Wally's abilities and resolving the Killer Frost side plot. I'm stoked for the next two episodes, which will include Jesse, Harry, and Gorilla Grodd. Let's go, Team Flash!

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What did you think of "Untouchable"?


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