Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Arrow Reaction: "Spectre of the Gun" (5x13)

Warning: Arrow is rated TV-14 and contains mature content. Spoilers included.

When an armed man attacks City Hall, Oliver must deal with the perpetrator as the mayor instead of Green Arrow. The attack also reminds Rene of a traumatic event from his past.

"Hard choices require bravery. Fortunately, we live in the home of the brave. And we don't run from hard choices, but we rise up and face tomorrow. Together." -Oliver Queen

What I Liked
I like that we got more backstory about Rene. I was shocked to find out he had a wife and a daughter, and it was tragic what happened to his family. I'm glad Curtis is going to help him get his daughter back. And I'm proud that he stood up for what he believes throughout the episode. He's come so far; he's even the deputy mayor's assistant now!

Thea is finally back! And I love that she's not taking Oliver's crap about Susan. Thea is smarter than a lot of people give her credit for. I also think it's good she's back because Oliver needs someone to organize his life, and Thea stepped right back into doing just that. She's great.

I am Thea. (source)

Dinah wasn't in this episode a whole lot, but the little we did see of her was good. She's taking steps to make a new life in Star City, and that's admirable. I'm glad she's going to join the police department to become a detective again. I think that will help develop her character and also assist Team Arrow in the future.

Oliver's speeches
Hands down, the best moments of this episode were when Oliver gave his speeches. His speech to Edlund was powerful and obvioulsy moving. And what he said to the city about freedom and protection was just as important. I don't know when Oliver became so good at giving speeches, but dang son, he's good. He deserves all the awards, especially since he did it all without putting on the green hood.

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What I Didn't Like
Gun politics
When this episode started, I was worried it was going to be just another political statement forced into entertainment. I didn't start watching Arrow to hear political arguments. I know that shows and such should help with real-life issues, and this did present good dialogue about gun control, but I've been tired of politics lately and wasn't looking forward to another political argument on TV. But I guess with Oliver as mayor that is bound to happen, and they were able to come to a resolution about gun control and such.

This is incredible important, though (source)

Felicity wasn't in the episode much, but it's obvious she's still trying to keep her data cache a secret. I smell trouble with that, and I hope she tells Oliver about it soon.

Attack on City Hall
This episode felt... boring. While as a whole, the episode worked, the plot of the mass shooter was bareboned. There wasn't enough to it. I was waiting for there to be some twist, especially after Felicity said the perpetrator was a "nobody." I thought there might be a connection to Prometheus or another organization that was trying to make a statement. But no, it was one guy trying to make a statement. And it all felt forced and lazy. I just want to know where Prometheus is and why he hasn't been making any attacks or contact. Did he just fall off the planet? Like, let's go back to Prometheus's story line already, okay? Or at least the Vigilante, since they haven't caught him/figured out who he is. He popped in, but it was like one scene and not enough. I want more excitement, people!

This moment was more exciting than the episode's plots. (source)

This episode had a lot of good moments, such as Oliver's speech to Edlund or Dinah's decision to join the SCPD. It also incorporated a lot of good discussion about current political opinions. But overall, I wanted something more. I wanted a twist, a connection to the season arc, something about Prometheus. This is the fourth episode since the winter hiatus and there has been nothing about Prometheus. Come on! I need more something more.

What did you think of "Spectre of the Gun"?


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