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The Flash Reaction: "Borrowing Problems from the Future" (3x10)

Spoilers for The Flash

After Barry is plagued with nightmares about Iris's death, he tells Iris and Team Flash about witnessing the future. Together, they work towards changing the outcome of certain events in order to change the future.

"Hang on, McFly. I'm about to vibe you back to the future." -Cisco
What I Liked
Team Flash
The first half of this episode worried me because it felt like Barry and Team Flash were falling back into old habits of keeping secrets, being mean to each other, and making their own, individual decisions. However, they did come together. Barry told the team about visiting the future, and they worked together--and trusted each other--to try to save Iris. It was amazing.

Barry and Iris
While Barry and Iris together hasn't always been my favorite thing, they were awfully cute in this episode. It's exciting to see their relationship move past the awkward and annoying stages, so they can finally enjoy each other's company. And I'm proud that Barry actually told Iris the truth and didn't try to hide it like he's done with everything else. They're learning. I'm so glad.

There were three people during this episode that did not make me mad. One was Caitlin Snow. Despite all of her own problems and struggles, she was still able to stand up and show Team Flash why they work well together. She asked them to give Julian a chance and also to give each other a chance. And it was wonderful. God bless, Caitlin Snow. We needed her in this episode.

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Julian has easily become a favorite character--mainly because the other characters are getting on my nerves with how they deal with stuff, but also because he just needs a big hug and someone to be his friend. He's dealing with a lot, so it was touching that Caitlin reached out for him and convinced the others to do the same. I'm excited to see him join Team Flash. Please, Julian, stay forever. (Also, I totally ship him and Caitlin, and I can't stop.)

Precious cinnamon roll. (source)

The third person I enjoyed in this episode was Wally. He is just an adorable cupcake as Kid Flash. I can't get over his bright smile when the people started chanting his name. He is definitely heroic, and I'm glad people (especially Barry and Joe and Iris) are finally seeing this. Never change, Wally!

*pats head* You're cute. (source)

Cisco's vibe
The vibe to the future was flipping cool. Using the future to help change the future was interesting, and I'm looking forward to how it'll all turn out. There is a smidge of hope after all. Plus, it was great that Cisco actually utilized his powers and that Barry had someone by his side to help him out. Sometimes heroes need friends too.

What I Didn't Like
No offense, but this guy was kind of lame. He looked like a cheap Slade Wilson look-a-like with his eye-patch and beard. And he had no motive, no backstory, nothing to ground him. I didn't care whether they captured him or not. What I really wanted to know was where did he get all those fancy gadgets? Like is he from the future? Is someone making those guns? How? I need those answers, and I didn't get them. *shrugs*

The only redeeming thing about Plunder is he provided the opportunity for epic special effects. (source)

Everybody being mean
The most annoying part of this episode was that everybody was being mean to each other. Barry was upset with Wally... again. Cisco was being mean to HR... again. And everybody was all rude about Julian just because he used to be Alchemy (against his own freewill, I should add). It made me super angry. My favorite part of this show is how accepting they are of each other and past mistakes and everything. And I felt like that was being pushed to the ground. Fortunately, they did move past their anger and worked together, but it was annoying.

Side plots
Some of the side plots like Caitlin constantly struggling with Killer Frost and nobody trusting Wally or believing in HR's ability are starting to drag. Most of those ended up better at the end of the episode, but during the beginning, I was annoyed. Can we please move past these insignificant drama points?

Actual footage of me while watching this episode. (source)

The first half of the episode had me worried. I thought the characters were relapsing into their typical behaviors and that nothing would get accomplished in this episode. While that did change and they did work together in the end, the episode as a whole wasn't terribly exciting. There were moments that were great, but overall, it was just setting things up for the rest of the season. Hopefully the rest of the season will prove to be interesting.

What did you think of "Borrowing Problems from the Future"? Do you think Team Flash can change the future?


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