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Supergirl Reaction: "Medusa" (2x08)

Spoilers for Supergirl

Cyborg Superman unleashes a deadly virus called "Medusa" at the alien bar that kills all of the aliens except Mon-El, who becomes ill. Kara learns the virus came from Krypton and Cadmus plans to disperse the virus over National City.

"You are too good and too smart to follow in her path. Be your own hero." -Kara
What I Liked
Mon-El has easily become one of my favorite characters. He's such a dork, and he's showing a lot of growth. This episode especially made me love him more; he was such an awkwardly adorable baby. He brought stuffing--actual pillow stuffing--to Thanksgiving dinner. (I'm still crying.) And then! Then he kissed Kara! (*runs around house screaming*) I was so happy. I ship them so much. But then... Kara denies it (and tells him he drooled--what is this Percy Jackson?), but he knows. He knows she was lying. I can't handle it. He looked so sad. Poor baby.

His eagerness to please slays me. (source)

Thanksgiving with the Danvers
Thanksgiving dinner with the Danvers clan is always fun. This year was no exception. It was hilarious watching everybody try to suck up to Kara and talk over each other to make their own announcements and revelations. Plus, it's not every day a breach appears over the turkey at the table. Hmm...

Thanksgiving with the Danvers is always an adventure. (source)

Hank Henshaw vs Hank Henshaw
The fight between Cyborg Superman and J'onn was so fun. It was an epic showdown I didn't know I wanted. The ending was a bit cheesy with Kara saying he might be a Cyborg but he's no superman, but we'll forgive the writers. Of course, though, he got away. He'll be back.

Lena Luthor
Lena Luthor is amazing. Her confrontation with her mother was A+. The whole spiel about being a Luthor and turning the key had me worried. I thought she was turning evil, giving into her namesake. (Which I wasn't entirely opposed to. Katie McGrath can do evil.) But she didn't! She tricked us all. She helped save the city, and I was so excited. You go, Lena. Stay awesome. (I love you.)

Boom. (source)

Mama Danvers
It's always a treat for Mama Eliza Danvers to visit. (I mean, she is Supergirl, after all.) Not only is she sweet and kind, but she's insanely smart. She finds a cure not only for the Medusa virus but to save J'onn from turning into a White Martian. She also had the perfect words for Alex, who is still a bit nervous about coming out. It was a wonderful mother-daughter moment, and I'm grateful this show has been so full of love and acceptance this season about many issues.

Can I get a hug from Mama Danvers? (source)

Kara showed a lot of strength and determination this episode. She didn't give up, and she worked hard to help save the city and her friends. Not only does this show treat people equally and respectfully, accepting all, but it empowers women, which is why it's still one of the most important shows for superheroes. Between Kara, Lena, Alex, and Maggie, this show rocks the women power.

You go, Kara! (source)

What I Didn't Like
Cyborg Superman
Cyborg Superman is a big meanie. He's creepy and ruining lives, and I don't like him. He continues to become more and more Cyborg, which is interesting. And of course, he ran off again. Come on! But I have to give David Harewood a shout out for doing a great job with both roles. He nailed it.

#micdrop (source)

Medusa Virus
This virus was scary. It was so sad to watch all those aliens die. The aliens that survived are going to have a hard time feeling safe there or anywhere in the city again. It's painful. But it's also a little... strange. If the virus attacks non-Kryptonian physiology, wouldn't it also attack humans if it was unleashed? Or are humans close enough to Kryptonians (like Daxomites are) that they would only get sick? Cadmus didn't really do their research, it seems. And I also don't know why they limited themselves to just attacking National City. Why not the whole world?

Creepy people searching for Mon-El
Who are these people searching for Mon-El? What do they want with him? Don't you dare take him away from Kara! No, I will refuse.

The Crossover
I think my biggest disappointment with this episode is that there wasn't much of a crossover with it. Sure, there was the breach at Thanksgiving and Barry and Cisco show up at the end to ask Kara for help, but that was it. It wasn't the whole episode, and it bothered me. I expected four full episodes of crossover fun. But instead, this was only at the end. For people who don't normally watch Supergirl, it's not even worth them watching the episode. I wanted four epic nights of super ultra awesome crossover fun. *sigh*

Look at these two awkward buffoons. I love them. (source)

Overall, this episode was a solid Supergirl episode. It continued a lot of what has been building up this season so far, giving us a few answers and reassuring us that Kara is not alone in the world. While I wanted a few things to be different (Kara's reaction to Mon-El, the crossover, etc.), I did enjoy it. It was exciting, and I can't wait to see what's next for Supergirl in January!


This is my favorite conversation. (source)

What did you think of "Medusa"? How do you feel about Kara and Mon-El's kiss?

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  1. I really want the two of them to be together, Its like Romeo and Juliet, but better. But the fact that Kara denied the kiss, puts me on edge because she doesn't seem like she likes him.