Monday, December 12, 2016

Firefight Chapters 21-25 Read-Along

"Corrupt," Obliteration whispered. "All men are corrupt. The seed of the Epic is inside each one. And so, all must die. Mortal and immortal. All are--"
All are corrupt? So, what, is this something like in The Walking Dead? Or is this in a metaphorical sense--as in all men have sin and selfishness inside of them and therefore can become Epics, driven into corruption because of their powers? Given that so far Obliteration has sounded like a walking book of Revelations, I'm going with the latter.

Megan! Sparks, it was good to hear her voice. The last time I'd hear it, she pulled a gun on me.
"You realize Phaedrus will turn on you. You've hired the lion to protect you from the wolves, but either will be happy to eat you once the food runs out."
Interest tidbit--I realized while reading this that the name Phaedrus sounded ancient, probably Greek, and wondered what would turn up if I googled it. Phaedrus is a character in several of Plato's dialogues, one of which centers on the idea of reincarnation. I find that tidbit interesting, since Prof and one of the other Epics closest to him, Megan, both have healing powers so great that they might have been seen to ressurect themselves.

All of that is fascinating, but also slightly off topic. Regarding Megan's actual quote...

"It's easier around you."
OK, so what if being around David doesn't trigger Megan's weakness, like he thinks? What if David simply has that effect on Epics who are around him long enough? I don't think that means he's necessarily as Epic, as he's never really been evil--although I suppose he could be a Gifter and simply not know it because he's always gifting his power. Ehh--it's not a perfect theory, but we'll see how it fits into the greater story.

"You're doing it again," she said, almost a growl. "Distorting the truth, making people go along with your craziness. This thing between us isn't going to work."
I think it's interesting how Megan looks at this very much like a disillusioned Epic would. She's really negative about David's gift of persuasion.

"True," Exel said. "But lately the mystery comes with extra brood."

The trouble was balance. Trying to remain stable with two shifting jets of water coming out from your legs was like trying to balance a pot full of frogs on the tips of two half-cooked pieces of spaghetti.
I don't have to wish for this tech, because we already have it--Flyboards! I really want to try them, but I just know I would gravely injure or drown myself.

She was a preacher, too, I remembered from my notes. And didn't Obliteration quote scripture at me?
Thank you! Someone else noticed!
So, does this mean Regalia shares Obliteration's views? Or is she just manipulating him?

"Did you ever know Waterlog, the Epic in whom those powers originated? I created him, you know."
Wait. Wait, wait, wait, hold the phone. Created? This woman is nuts. The whole conversation following this is nuts.

What a cliff-hanger to end on! What do you think Regalia meant about Obliteration? And what does her hint about 'creating' Epics mean?

See you next time in 2017--Happy Holidays!


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