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Arrow Reaction: "What We Leave Behind" (5x09)

Warning: Arrow contains PG-13 level content. Spoilers included.

Prometheus attacks Curtis and injects him with a tuberculosis vaccine, leaving him hospitalized. Oliver and Felicity discover the vaccine is tied to a person on Oliver's former kill list.

"In our town, people who are dead turn out to be secretly alive every Wednesday." -Felicity

What I Liked
Team Arrow
Despite the liar, liar pants on fire in the room, the Team Arrow Christmas get-together was super adorable and sweet. I'm glad they had the chance to be happy before everything was destroyed. It was hilarious to watch Rory and Rene try to figure out "science-y" stuff without Curtis or Felicity. They did a good job. The best part, though, was when they all stood together with Oliver at the end, despite everything that happened. It just shows their growth and how heroic they've become.

*wipes eyes* I'm not crying. I'm definitely crying. (source)

With every episode, Thea becomes better and better. She's proven she handle anything--vigilante work, losing her family again, and Oliver as mayor. I'm stoked she might be rejoining the team again, at least until the Prometheus problem is over. If Evelyn is gone, we need more female heroes on the streets kicking butt.

How is she so wise? (source)

Special effects are special
The special effects and fight sequences were awesome in this episode. I was amazed when Prometheus's ninja star shattered Oliver's arrowhead, and Prometheus fighting was fantastic. Why do the bad guys get to have all the fun?

The flashbacks in this episode were intriguing since it connected not to Russia but to when Oliver was the Hood. While I knew that Prometheus wasn't Claybourne back from the dead or his son out for vengeance (it was too easy), it was still an interesting lead to keep Team Arrow guessing (and to continue referencing back to season one). Also, I liked seeing a young, flustered Felicity and a less hardened Diggle. Sometimes I miss the Original Team Arrow a little too much. They've changed a lot in the past four years.

Babies. *pinches cheeks* (source)

What I Didn't Like
For Curtis, this episode was hard to watch. Curtis is usually the upbeat, always smiling optimist of the team, and he was so damaged by the end. Not only was he seriously injured, but he told Paul the truth--that he works with the Green Arrow--and Paul made him choose between him and being a vigilante. In the end, Paul left anyways because he wanted Curtis to be happy. It was so sad, and I feel so bad for Curtis. Despite everything, though, he came back to the team to help them out because he doesn't want to stop being a hero. *sniffles*

Oh, this is painful. Poor Curtis. Poor Paul. (source)

While she's kind of always irritated me, the revelation of her betrayal has increased my irritation tenfold. She's so accusing of Oliver, and she tried to play nice at the Christmas party, as if she wasn't stabbing them in the back (literally) and giving Prometheus everything. In addition, I thought the revelation of her betrayal would be bigger, but she kind of faded from the episode after she revealed herself. Where did she go? I don't know, and I guess I don't care. Good riddance, Artemis.

This episode sucked for everybody. Diggle just wanted to keep his family safe, and now he's been captured again. It was sad. I don't even know what's going to happen to him now.

Here, have some humor among all this sorrow. (source)

Susan Williams
Oliver started some kind of relationship with her in this episode. It's not completely clear what all happened between them, but they at least kissed. And I'm not happy. Oliver doesn't need the distraction right now, and she's still a terrible person. Oliver, stop. Oliver, no.

I admit I wasn't a huge fan of Billy, especially Billy with Felicity. That being said, I didn't want him to die (just go away and never come back). And I didn't want him to die like this. It was horrifying to watch Oliver realize who he had killed instead of Prometheus, and it was even worse to watch him tell the team. His face--I haven't seen his face ever look like that. And poor Felicity. This is just a mess.

You can physically see the pain ripping through them. (source)

More is being uncovered about Prometheus, and I'm terrified. He knows about Oliver and his past. He knows about the list. He may have had the same training Oliver did in Russia. He's not out for revenge. He wants to turn every member of Team Arrow against Oliver, and then he wants to prove that the Green Arrow is a killer. I don't know how much more I can handle of this. It's devastating. Don't hurt my babies!

What?! How is she alive? I don't understand. That ending was crazy. Is Oliver going crazy? Is this somehow connected to The Flash plot? Why is Laurel there? HOW is Laurel there? I need answers!!!

What are you?! (source)

Overall, wow. At first, the episode was a bit slow and felt like the same old thing: bad guy attacks, Team Arrow swoops in to clean up the mess, everything is fine and dandy. But by the end, so much had changed, so much was ripped apart and crushed. All these poor characters: poor Ollie, poor Curtis, poor Diggle, poor Felicity. Don't you dare touch Rory or Rene. Don't hurt Thea or Lance. There is a lot coming in the second half of the season, and I need answers now. January, why oh why are you so far away?

This entire conversation is gold. (source)

What did you think of "What We Leave Behind?" Who do you think is Prometheus? How do you think Laurel is back?


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