Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Amanda's Top 5 Favorite Marvel Movies

As an intense and devoted Marvel fan, there are so many of these films that I enjoy that it's very difficult for me to choose a favorite out of this multitude of great cinema. However, today I will attempt to choose a top 5. It's no easy task, but I will certainly attempt to do my best.

1. Avengers: Age of Ultron

While I know this may be a controversial pick for one of my favorite movies in this genre, it has been intensely meaningful to me over the last year. It's a stark reminder of our own emotional fragility in the face of life. Being on a team is literally the furthest thing from easy that exists, and you can already see the seeds of discontent being sowed that only further erupt in Civil War.
But I think the most important thing about this film is how large and, at the same time, small it is. The darkest souls and the brightest souls are slowly uncovered, and the relationships woven throughout become colorful like the brightest tapestry. The quiet home life of Clint and the sadness so evident behind Bruce's eyes are what made this movie for me. It felt real.

2. Ant-Man

This film is pure comedic brilliance. I am the hugest fan of wacky comedy, and this film gave me all I wished for and more. But even with the comedy, I didn't lose sight of the relationships. I saw the love Scott has for his daughter and the gentleness he wished he had. Scott is fueled by his need for revenge on the system, but he also learns how much more important his family is. His daughter needs her dad, and he ultimately learns that through all of the chaos.

3. The Avengers

This is such a very solid film. It combines some of the most brilliant aspects of movie-making I've ever seen: great character development, wonderful characters, a well-developed conflict... I could go on and on. It pretty much just rocks. I love it to pieces.

4. Captain America: Civil War 

The heartbreaking conflict that occurs in this movie is what made it feel like real life to me. Conflict and fighting are very real parts of our lives as humans. The important thing is not how much conflict we see in our lives but how we deal with that conflict. Seeing Steve and Tony fight at the end, almost to the death when they should be friends and brothers, reminded me how easy it is to lose sight of the person on the other end of the fight. There was so much brilliant movie-making contained within the frames of this film.

5. Thor

I confess: I've seen this movie too many times to count, and it never ceases to be astonishing and an indescribable display of some of the best character development I've ever seen. Loki's spiral is as clear as daylight to us watching the film, and Thor's redemption is just as easily seen. The emotions in this movie that are presented so clearly to the audience is truly a remarkable feat in movie-making, and I'm so glad I had the experience of watching it.

In conclusion, great art was given to us through the inception of these films. These movies display humanity at its greatest and lowest and remind us of our follies and failings. There are triumphs and quiet moments and utter joy, along with the pain, and we must always remember that.

What is your favorite Marvel movie? Why?

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  1. I really like the pair of Thor movies... I think they appealed to me most in terms of style and characterization, and created a greater sense of defamiliarization that I don't necessarily get in the other films. :)