Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Flash Reaction: "The New Rogues" (3x04)

Spoilers for The Flash

While Barry tries to balance his love life, work life, and superhero life, Caitlin and Cisco search the multi-verse for another Harrison Wells to join their team. Meanwhile, a man who can travel through mirrors seeks vengeance against Leonard Snart.

Barry: "Well, he's more than just a criminal now. Apparently he's a meta who can travel through mirrors."
Cisco: "Oh, oh, I got this one. He's ... "
Harry: "Mirror Master."
Cisco: "What the -- "
Harry: "Boom."
What I Liked

Mirror Master and Top
Mirror Master and Top were an interesting duo in this episode. In the comics, they're both members of The Rogues, hence the title of the episode. However, Top isn't a female in the comics, so that was an interesting twist. (Also, I loved her outfit.) Mirror Master is a reoccurring Flash villain. The premise of being able to travel through reflective surfaces was kind of cool, and it was hilarious when Barry was trapped in a mirror.

Oh, Cisco. (source)

Leonard Snart
Wentworth Miller returned briefly for this episode as Leonard Snart. I was more than thrilled. I miss Captain Cold so much. (It was only two episodes ago I begged for Captain Cold to return. Guess my wish sort of came true.) His sass will never get old. Unfortunately, Snart is still officially "gone"--I was hoping Flashpoint would change that--and he was only in it for a flashback.

Jesse Quick
Jesse continues to improve her speedster powers this episode. Barry training her was adorable, especially when he realized he was turning into Oliver. Even though she made mistakes, I'm glad she's learning and becoming her own superhero. Also, she and Wally are so adorable together I can't handle it. I'm glad they finally, finally admitted their feelings, even if they had to say goodbye again. (Harry being all protective dad--"No touching!"--was hilarious and perfect.)

Oh my goodnes, they're too cute. (source)

Iris and Barry
While most of Barry and Iris' relationship ups and downs make me want to toss my computer out the window, this episode was tolerable. Barry talking to Joe about kissing Iris was absolutely hilarious and super awkward. I loved it.

Harry and the doppelgangers
The best part of this episode was Team Flash searching for a Harrison Wells doppelganger. Since Harry and Jesse are returning to Earth-2, Cisco and Caitlin wanted to find someone to help out on Earth-1. Thus, we got a lot of crazy versions of Harrison Wells--from a cowboy to a French mime, it was perfect. (Shout-out to Tom Cavanagh for stellar acting ability.)  They did settle on one that seems normal: HR from Earth-19. HR meeting Harry was the best. The whole thing was great. I will miss Harry--and I hope he returns soon--but I'm looking forward to a new Wells for a little while.

This is too perfect. (source)

One of the most exciting parts of the episode was when Caitlin used her frost powers to get Barry out of the mirror. Then later, the end scene revealed the frost powers taking over! She's starting to turn into Killer Frost with white hair and blue lips. It's crazy! I don't know if I'm excited for super worried.

Oh, Caitlin, it's going to be okay. (source)

What I Didn't Like

Honestly, this episode was great. It was funny, exciting, and interesting. There was a lot of homage to the comics with Mirror Master and Top. Jesse and Wally were absolutely adorable. And we're seeing glimpses of more change for Team Flash with the new Harrison Wells, HR, and Caitlin's powers. There wasn't anything I didn't like.

The best. (source)

What did you think of "The New Rogues"?


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