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Supergirl Season Two Mini-Reactions: Episodes 3-7

Spoilers for Supergirl

A lot has happened since Clark Kent returned to Metropolis at the beginning of the season. Kara has dealt with new friends, new enemies, and a new job.

"Welcome to Earth" (2x03)
The President visits National City to sign an extraterrestrial amnesty act, but Supergirl has to protect her from a rogue alien's attacks. 

The Good
-Mon-El. Another alien that has tense ties to Kara and Krypton? Yes, please. (Are all aliens attractive or what?)
-Lena Luthor. Basically, I will take anything with Katie McGrath. She's marvelous.
-The Alien Amnesty Act. This was a great plot I hope they return to. It's very relevant to today's politics also. I also liked that Kara changed her mind about Mon-El.
-J'onn finding another piece of Mars with M'gann M'orzz. He needs more happiness in his life.
-Lynda Carter aka the President of the United States. Amazing, really. I love the cameo.

The Bad
-Kara and her reporter job. I'm just not feeling it. She doesn't seem like a reporter. I know she still has a lot to learn, but it's just a boring, cliche way to create tension in the Catco office.

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Oh, that's clever. That's awfully clever. (source)

"Survivors" (2x04)
Kara uncovers a secret alien fight club run by Roulette and is determined to dissolve it. 

The Good
-Maggie. She seems pretty cool, and it can't hurt to have yet another awesome female character on this show.
-Alien bar. I like this location; it's pretty cool for Kara and J'onn to have a place to meet other aliens. It's nice for them to know they aren't alone.
-Lena Luthor. Always. I will always enjoy seeing Lena. (I'm getting some pretty strong vibes that the writers are setting her up to be more than friends with Kara. Interesting.)

The Bad
-Roulette. She's a conniving little something. I didn't necessarily hate her, but she's not good news. I look forward to seeing her again.
-Mon-El. I know he's new to the whole earth thing, but it irritates me that he can't just listen to Kara. Apparently alien boys can also be stupid sometimes.
-Martian fight. It was painful to watch J'onn fight M'gann. What's worse is that M'gann isn't a green Martian; she's a white Martian, which is not good.

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I want to play Garatta!!! (source)

"Crossfire" (2x05)
Cadmus gives a ruthless gang weapons to fight aliens, and Kara has to find a way to stop them.

 The Good
-Mon-El in the real world. This episode was great due to Mon-El trying to fit in with the world. His outfit was adorable, and I liked how oblivious and dense he was about everything.
-Lena Luthor calling on Supergirl's aid. It's lovely. She's lovely. Give me more Lena.
-Kara trying to juggle being both Kara and Supergirl at Lena's gala is what I live for.
-Mon-El asking Kara to dance almost killed my fangirl's heart. It's settled: I need them together. (I also sort of ship Winn and Lena because of their excellent team-up stopping the bad guys, and due to the fact that they both are intelligent when it comes to science and math stuff.)

The Bad
-Cadmus. Of course Cadmus was at the center of this episode; they're at the center of everything bad in National City. I really don't like the leader lady. She's annoying. But it is interesting that she's Lena's mother! (*Gasp*)
-James trying to be a hero. I know he has good intentions, but I just think it's going to turn out bad. Do we really need another hero on this show? And one without super powers?

Bonus gif:
He is precious. Especially with the bow tie. (source)

"Changing" (2x06)
An alien parasites attacks, which drains Supergirl of her powers and forces James as The Guardian.

The Good
-Alex and Kara's sister relationship. This episode was especially important in revealing their strong sister relationship. I'm glad they continually portray not only a strong relationship but a realistic one.
-Mon-El to the rescue. I liked watching him turn around from his petty actions and attitude to be heroic. It was a nice change, and it made me love him even more.

The Bad
-The Parasite. It's super creepy, and I don't like it. Nope. No thanks. Also, the parasite host was played by the creepy Ethan dude from Lost. So double no thanks.
-James as The Guardian. Ugh, just stop. Your costume is actually lame. I don't care.

Bonus gif:
Come at me bro! (source)

"The Darkest Place" (2x07)
Cadmus kidnaps Mon-El and uses him as bait to lure Kara to their labs. Once there, she comes face-to-face with Cyborg Superman.

The Good
-Cyborg Superman. This was an interesting twist. Hank Henshaw is not actually dead, but he's been turned into a cyborg, fulfilling the character's comic book role. I hope he proves to be a worthy adversary.
-Jeremiah is alive!! Jeremiah is alive!! I'm so happy and he's a good guy and he's helping people. I'm so excited.
-Mon-El totally likes Kara, and I am a happy shipper. Now I just have to hope the writers don't ruin their relationship like they did with all of Kara's other relationships.

The Bad
-Cadmus. Those no-good, dirty-rotting alien kidnappers! It was so sad to see Kara and Mon-El locked and tortured in Cadmus Labs.
-Fortress of Solitude. It's not good that Cyborg Superman has access to the Fortress of Solitude or Project Medusa. Not good at all.
-The Guardian vs the other dude. This was kind of a worthless plot that wasn't necessary to the episode or the show. If they would just nix The Guardian thread, it would all be better. (Aka, I don't care.)
-Martian fight 2.0. J'onn learning the truth about M'gann was sad and heartbreaking. Their second fight was worse than the first, and the absolute hate that J'onn has for White Martians was devastating.

Bonus gif:
The best kind of superhero. (source)

Overall, Supergirl has had a pretty up and down season so far. It's definitely better than season one, but it still has a ways to go. I'm excited for the four-part crossover with heroes and aliens!

What do you think of Supergirl season two so far?


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