Sunday, October 30, 2016

Firefight Read-Along Chapters 6-10

Chapter 6:
"He was just one of a large group of eccentrics who were dissatisfied with how the United States was run."
A high school bully--no wonder Steelheart became the Epic he did. And I wonder how many Epics were born out of a group like this?

Chapter 7:
"As picky as a woman with her shoes," Abraham grumbled.
Hey now.

Chapter 8: 
I hadn't imagined that a road could decay this quickly.
Come visit Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Our potholes have potholes.

But they were dangerous, as an Epic who first manifested powers almost always went a little mad in the beginning, using their abilities wildly, destroying.
This just brings up more questions. What about someone who is devoutly religious? Or pacifist? I'm sure such a person would try to use their power for good, but could faith keep them from going corrupt like all the other Epics?

Here's another thought--what if the Epics who are pacifists are the Gifters, and their powers were never meant to be used for themselves?

"Tia, what if there's a pattern to the weaknesses? One we haven't cracked yet?"
It makes a ton of sense that a weakness is related to something in the Epic's past, even if only tangentially. Let's take our dearly departed Steelheart--a couple of chapters ago, David discovered that Steelheart had been a high school bully. Bullies typically pick on those weaker than them and leave the kids who stand up to them alone. (Okay, so that's simplified and doesn't take into account psychological or mental components that may cause a kid to act out by bullying. Bear with me--analogies can only go far before they break down.) So, Steelheart's weakness was that he could be killed by someone who didn't fear him--am I crazy to think that it's because of his bullying?

Chapter 9:
"I'm the team's new sniper."
Okayyyy. "Bubbly" and "sniper" are not usually words you hear together.

"It's why we avoid saying her name."
So we have She Who Must Not Be Named in this story. :D

All kidding aside, I want Regalia's powers. Hydromancy is nearly as cool as pyromany. Except for--you know--the whole insanity thing.

Also, random note, this is the first time we've heard an Epic referred to as any kind of "mancer", which I find interesting.

Chapter 10:
"Maybe an Epic decided to change and be kind for once."
That sounds nice, but I seriously doubt it given what we've seen so far.

So what do you guys think of these chapters? And isn't Babilar just the coolest place ever? Seriously, I kind of want to live there, Epic or no Epic.


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