Thursday, September 22, 2016

Meet Cute: Non-Stop Dreamers

Have you ever wondered what would happen if two of your favorite characters met? Would they get along fabulously? Would they immediately despise each other? Would they fall in love and live happily for the rest of eternity?

Enter Meet Cute.

I was watching Tangled the other day, after listening to Hamilton on my way home from work, and it struck me--what if Rapunzel and Alexander Hamilton were to meet? I imagine it would go something like this:

     Rapunzel: Hi, I’m Rapunzel! Who are you?
     Hamilton: My name is Alexander Hamilton. It’s a pleasure to meet you. There’s a million things I      haven’t done.
     Rapunzel: Oh my gosh! Same!
     Both: But just you wait.
     *meaningful look and slow motion fist bump*

Seriously, though. Can you imagine it? They’re both idealistic and ambitious dreamers who grew up pretty friendless. They’d see each other and sense a kindred spirit. And then they’d be fast friends for the rest of their lives.

They wouldn’t fall in love, of course. They’re way too similar for that. Eliza and Flynn are definitely, 100% needed to keep them both grounded, lest their dreaming gets too out of hand and they’re both found building a rickety treehouse near the beach at four in the morning so that they could see the stars better. (Can you imagine their faces when they're found, hammer in hand?)

Except instead of a shirtless hunk, it's Eliza Hamilton. (source)
But together the four of them would have lovely picnics and adventures, and Flynn would regale them all with his heroic tales, and then Alex would spontaneously make up poems about Eliza and Rapunzel being badasses while Flynn keeps trying to add bandits and dragons until Alex punches him for interrupting. It’d be grand.

#noregrets #notevenone
Together, there would be nothing that Alexander Hamilton and Rapunzel couldn’t accomplish. They wouldn’t let anything (or anyone) stop them. Ever. She’s able to get along with anyone she meets, and he’s got the unwavering drive for success, so they would balance each other out in any and every scheme.

Whether they’re in America...

     Rapunzel: Who’s that? *points to those loyal to the King*
     Hamilton: They don’t like me.
     Rapunzel: Who’s that? *points to Jefferson and Madison*
     Hamilton: They don’t like me either.
     Rapunzel: Who’s that?? *points to the entirety of the Constitutional Convention*
     Hamilton: Let’s just assume, for the moment, that everyone here doesn’t like me.

...or running around the woods in the kingdom of Corona…

     Hamilton: Come on! It's a great idea!
     Rapunzel: I don’t know.
     Rapunzel: We could.
     Rapunzel: Maybe.
     Rapunzel: But we probably shouldn’t.
     Rapunzel: What could really happen?
     Rapunzel: It’s not a good idea.
     Rapunzel: It’s not a bad idea.
     Hamilton: If you stand for nothing, girl, what’ll you fall for?

...they would complement each other in all the best ways, egging each other on until they were both successful at whatever they had set their minds to that day.

And plus they would just sing duets about all their adventures. That would be seriously the best movie ever. Somebody make it happen. Please.

What kind of shenanigans do you think
these two would get up to?
Let me know in the comments!

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  1. YAAAAASSSS!!! So much yes... The dialogue had me loling. I can't wait for more of these Meet Cute posts!