Saturday, September 17, 2016

5 Reasons I'm Excited for The Lego Batman Movie

September 17 is officially known as Batman Day, which celebrates the creation of the Caped Crusader. It started back in 2014 to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Batman. But every year since, DC Comics and fans across the world take time to recognize one of the world's most popular superheroes: Batman.

In honor of Batman Day, here are five reasons I'm excited for the upcoming The Lego Batman Movie.

1. Legos
It probably comes as no surprise that I adored The Lego Movie. The story was great, the characters were fun, and the Legos were awesome. (Everything is awesome!)

Thus when they announced they planned to not only make The Lego Movie 2 but a Lego Batman movie, I was pumped. Using Legos to tell a story is not only fun but hilarious. There's a lighter tone to the movie, which is perfect for children who love Batman and also for adults, like me, who like fun superhero films and Legos. There is also a wide variety of Lego sets, mini-figures, and bricks to feature in the film. What's cooler than seeing your favorite Lego sets come to life, being built right before your eyes?

 While I've seen all the previous Batman movies, I think this one is going to stand on its own as being unique and... playful.

2. Robin

As a fan of superheroes, the one thing I felt missing from the Dark Knight trilogy and now Batman vs Superman was Robin. I know people may argue that Robin isn't that great of a character or doesn't do much to help Batman as it is, but I still love his character--no matter which incarnation it is. In addition, I know a lot of kids who love Robin as well, and to deprive them of seeing one of their favorite teenager superheroes on the screen is a crime. So I'm thrilled that this film will feature Dick Grayson as Robin. He looks like he'll be a fun character to get to know, and the entire plot centers around Bruce/Batman learning to be responsible for another person. Sounds like an adventure waiting to happen.

Plus Robin wears a gold sparkly cape. And look at those spandex shorts. Wild.

3. The Cast

Beyond the plot and characters, the voice-acting cast looks phenomenal. Will Arnett reprises his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman, which works great so it fits with The Lego Movie canon. In addition, Ralph Fiennes (you know, you-know-who) is Alfred, Rosario Dawson is Barbara/Batgirl, Michael Cera is Dick Grayson/Robin, and Zach Galifianakis is the Joker. How could that line-up not be perfect?

In addition, we'll probably see other characters like the Justice League or maybe Commission Gordon.The Lego Movie had a lot of characters so it was hard to truly develop all the superheroes. This will give us a chance to see other DC favorites in a more focused setting.

4. Cheesy jokes (and other humor)

I'll admit that I love cheesy jokes, puns, and stupid humor. Which is why I'm so excited for this film. Just watching the trailer reveals a lot of hilarious moments coming my way. From Bruce typing in the wrong time on the microwave to all his "Because I'm Batman" moments, I can tell this film will be hilarious and fun.

5. Batman

As someone with a love-hate relationship in regards to Batman and his films, I'm excited to see a different version of Batman take the stage. This version of Batman isn't the depressing and dark and angry version we've seen in the most recent films. It'll probably have a bit of campy humor, maybe Batman pretending to sulk, and some moments that are over dramatized with danger and darkness. But it won't have the same tone as most Batman films. It won't be so serious, but fun, exciting, and heroic.

In addition, Lego Batman isn't the most talented version of Batman--as indicated in The Lego Movie. He makes mistakes, but he makes jokes out of it. He gets one-upped by other version of Batman, but he's still a hero in the end. He isn't this perfect hero, but he still saves the day and is known as a hero.

Overall, I'm excited for this film's release. It's a new version of Batman, and I think it'll be great. Because, well, he's Batman.

Are you excited for The Lego Batman Movie? What other Lego films would you want to see?


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