Thursday, August 25, 2016

My Wish List for Stranger Things Season Two

This post contains spoilers for season one of Netflix's original series Stranger Things, one of summer's biggest hits. This show filled my heart with fear and joy (simultaneously), and it got me thinking about what I'd like to see next. So here's my wish list for season two of Stranger Things.

1. Eleven. I want her back. This is very important to me. They can’t let her die--or disappear. They cannot turn an 11-year-old girl into a weapon or a martyr. I will be so sad (also furious like how dare they).

2. More Joyce 'Momma Bear' Byers.

3. More cool science experiments and at-home science projects (like the DIY sensory deprivation chamber).

4. More dorky sweaters for Steve Harrington.

5. More Dustin and Lucas brotp-ing, for example—at the end of episode 8 when they were sleeping on each others shoulders in the hospital (too cute).

6. I want Eleven to play Dungeons and Dragons with the boys. Please. Give this one to me. Make my nerd heart cry.

7. More Adventure Buddies™.

8. I want to see some of Nancy missing Barb more. I want the writers to make her more than just a way to get Nancy involved in the hunt for ‘the Demagorgon.’

9. I want Eleven to keep her hair the way it is and not grow it out in order to be more ‘conventionally attractive’. I don’t want the outside world to change my stone-faced power angel. Also, it’s good representation for little girls who can’t grow their hair out, and representation for little girls is honestly what I’m all about.

10. Alternatively, if Eleven were to grow her hair out, I’d want it to be because she wants to leave the chapter of her life (in the lab) far behind her. Of course, maybe her own hair and not a costume wig would do her more justice, but she's always cute to me.

11. More Dungeons and Dragons because using DnD as a plot device & tool for foreshadowing was wicked cool (especially for someone like me who plays with her friends like this on the weekends because yeah, I'm super cool.).

12. I want Nancy to be the valedictorian, because she's smart as heck and we all know it.

13. I want the community to stop ostracizing Johnathon and accept that he’s a hero.

14. I want Joyce Byers to get a raise. And a promotion. And I want her to tell her butt-face ex-husband to get lost once and for all.

15. I want to see the kids helping Will deal with any sort of PTSD and not pushing his lingering fears under the rug.

16. I want to see more of Hopper being manly but also sensitive. That’s super important to see in modern media (where you always don’t get too much of it). I want people everywhere to see that a strong, manly sheriff can cry and feel things.

17. I want Steve and Jonathon to be buds. Like real awesome buddies. They'd be great, no love triangle between them and Nancy, just buds.

18. WAY more Dustin chub smiles.

19. More surprisingly-cool-with-this science teacher.

20. And, because I feel this needs to be a thing-- more badass Nancy (I'm just so in love with Nancy Wheeler honestly).

21. I want Eleven to get more Eggos. All the Eggos she can eat. Leggo her Eggos.

22. Finally, I want Will and Eleven to become friends. They've been through similar trauma and I feel like they're really the only ones that can help each other out.

In conclusion, more dorky kids, more fierce females, and a dash of Dungeons and Dragons would make for a great season two of my favorite summer show Stranger Things. All we have to do is wait. 

What do you want to see for Stranger Things season two? What'd you like about season one?


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