Saturday, July 16, 2016

Who Is Rey’s Family?

One of the biggest mysteries about Star Wars: The Force Awakens was who Rey's parents are. There have been many theories, and upon my rewatch this week, I found ample possibilities as to who Rey is rey-lated to. (Wow, I'm sorry, that was awful.) Today, I want to discuss all the possibilities and share what I think could (or couldn't) happen. Let's do this!

Rey Solo

When I saw The Force Awakens in theaters, the first theory I thought of was that of Rey being the daughter of everyone's favorite Star Wars couple, Han Solo and Leia Organa. I was firmly in the Rey Solo camp for quite a while, even though it takes a lot of explaining. While I still think it could happen, I'm open to other possibilities as well. Here's how I think Rey Solo could be possible.

Evidence for this theory

  • Rey has an immediate bond with the Millenium Falcon, Han Solo, and Chewie.
  • Han has several moments where he looks at her with emotion.
  • Maz asks Han, "Who's the girl?" The scene cuts away, so it's possible Han could have told her that Rey is his daughter.
  • Having Kylo Ren and Rey as two opposite sides of the Force when they were siblings (possibly even twins) would provide lots of good story drama and angst.
  • Rey really looks like both Leia and Padme, her potential maternal ancestors.

Evidence against this theory

  • The biggest problem with this theory is that it would take a lot of explaining. If Rey is their daughter, why did Han and Leia completely ignore that fact, and why did Rey not recognize her father and mother?
    • Caveat: Depending on the timeline, it's possible that Rey was sent away because her brother, Ben, totally lost it. They could have somehow erased Rey's memories and left her on Jakku to keep her safe.
    • Caveat: When Rey has her vision, she's viscerally horrified. It's possible that Rey's memory of her parents and being left behind was gone altogether or at the very least hazy and only came into focus during her vision. 

Rey Kenobi

One of the more wacky theories I've heard is that of Rey being somehow related to Obi-Wan Kenobi. I loved the theory, yet I didn't think it would be possible. However, when rewatching the movie, I noticed a couple of things that could implicate Obi-Wan being related to our latest Star Wars hero.

Evidence for this theory

  • A theory online noted that while John Boyega, an English actor, had to use an American accent in the movie, Daisy Ridley was allowed to keep her accent. Who else had an English accent?
  • In Rey's vision, we hear Obi-Wan's voice-over tell Rey that these are her first steps. 
  • In Episode Six, Ben Kenobi is an older man, and there has been a thirty year age gap between episodes Six and Seven, thus making it pretty much impossible that Rey is Obi-Wan's direct child. However, it is possible for Rey to be Obi-Wan's grandchild.
  • If Rey is a descendant of Obi-Wan, then we would have a rivalry between the grandson of Anakin (aka Kylo Ren) and the granddaughter of Obi-Wan, something that would come full circle and provide lots of parallels.
  • Similar personalities.

Evidence against this theory

  • A lot of people were in Rey's vision, including Yoda, so that doesn't necessarily mean that Obi-Wan is related.
    • Caveat: What Obi-Wan said--"these are your first steps"--seems like something very important and almost fatherly. 
  • We never found out in the movie canon whether Ben had children, and in fact, it seems pretty likely that he didn't. Backtracking to explain that, yeah, Ben actually did have a kid or two may end up being messy and irritate fans.

Rey Erso

Another lesser-known theory combines two of our newest Star Wars heroines: Rey from The Force Awakens and Jyn Erso from Rogue One, which is an awesome combination if I've ever heard one.

Evidence for this theory

  • It connects Rogue One to Episodes 7-9 in a very obvious way.
  • Felicity Jones and Daisy Ridley definitely resemble each other.
  • The timeline works out.
  • Let's face it: It would be just plain awesome.

Evidence against this theory

  • We really don't know enough about Jyn Erso or Rogue One to say anything with certainty.
  • As Daisy Ridley said herself, "I’m not being funny, you guys, but just because she’s white and got brown hair … it doesn’t mean she’s my mom." (source)

Rey Skywalker

Last but certainly not least, we have the theory that Rey is a Skywalker, "like my father before me."

Evidence for this theory

  • Rey finds Luke's light saber--it specifically calls to her.
  • Rey's destiny brings her specifically to find Luke Skywalker at the end, and it's clear she was meant to find him for some reason.
  • The biggest reason and the most important is this: thus far, the Star Wars movies have been focused mainly on the Skywalker lineage--first Anakin, then his son Luke. Having Rey be a Skywalker helps carry on that theme.
Parallels between Rey and Anakin--(source)

Evidence against this theory

  • Rey doesn't necessarily have to be Luke's daughter to carry on the Skywalker lineage--she can also be Leia's daughter.
    • Caveat: If she's Leia's daughter, then the focus is divided between Rey being the child of Han Solo as well, a notable character in the story, which would distract from the fact that she's also a Skywalker. 
  • Finn also used Luke's light saber, so Luke's light saber doesn't necessarily mean that you're related.
    • Caveat: In the end battle between Rey and Kylo Ren, Rey manages to summon the light saber, and it's clear she's meant to have it.
  • Just because Rey found Luke at the end doesn't mean that she has to be his daughter.
    • Caveat: Seriously, though, it could mean that. Who knows?
In the Skywalker family, you get a helmet! And you get a helmet! Everybody gets a helmet!!!

(Note: Some have suggested that Rey is the daughter of Jyn Erso and Luke Skywalker, which is entirely possible with the timeline and would interconnect the movies even more, as well as give Rey some completely awesome parents.)

What are your thoughts about Rey's lineage? Did I miss any theories? Which one are you hoping for, and which one do you think is most likely? Sound off in the comments!


  1. Wow... There are quite a few theories that I hadn't even considered. That would be kind of awesome if she were Luke and Jyn's daughter though. (-:

  2. *Sass* <--my favorite reason for her to be related to Obi-Wan.

    Also I don't know about Jyn, but I feel like if she was a Solo or Skywalker, it would be TOO obvious. Star Wars isn't known for being "obvious" (except for the very cliche story arc/plot). They like to surprise us--"No, Luke I am your father." and "I have a sister."

    I would LOVE for her to be related to Obi-Wan simply because Obi-Wan is the best (in my opinion). But I don't know how she could because I can't imagine Obi-Wan would have children, even with the Jedi Order in ruins.

  3. I actually worry about the fact that Rey might be Luke or Leia's daughter... It's not so much because it's stereotypical or predictable (though that would certainly be a disappointing part of it) but that I think that would make them seem like bad guys? I mean, when Obi-Wan and the others had to send Luke and Leia themselves away for protection, they sent Luke to his uncle's and Leia to be raised by the Organas and the key thing in both of those is that Luke and Leia were sent to responsible people who had stable homes and would love them. Like, Obi-Wan did that because Anakin was his brother and that kind of made Luke and Leia his family.

    I guess my fear is that Rey will belong to one of those families and they won't have a good enough reason to just have abandoned her. She wasn't left in a safe place. She wasn't given people who would fall back on her.

    So... yeah. It's not like everyone has to be related to the Skywalkers to be Jedi. Maybe she could just have some random crappy family who were next-door neighbors to Obi-Wan and then none of them would suck as much as I worry they do.