Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Justice: A Reaction to DC's Comic-Con Trailers

If you've been anywhere on social media lately, I'm sure you've been bombarded with a barrage of interviews, trailers, and footage released at San Diego Comic-Con. The past four days have been an explosion of new information and anticipation for current and upcoming entertainment. Let's just say, I spent my Sunday afternoon catching up on all the fun.

Part of that fun came with the release of several trailers and sneak peeks for upcoming DC Comics related adaptations. From Suicide Squad (which releases August 5) to the CW's fall superhero line-up, DC Comics had a lot of justice to serve to their fans. But how much justice did they give us? Let's find out!

Suicide Squad

There have been a lot of Suicide Squad trailers since the first one debuted a year ago at Comic-Con (which is still my favorite trailer). This one doesn't show much different than what has already been revealed in previous trailers and TV spots. It's long, there's a lot packed into it, and it shows off new "squad goals" for any DC comics fan. The one thing this trailer does do is reveal that despite these characters being "the worst of the worst" and the fact that there might be dark themes throughout the film, there will be some laughs as well. Also, it's a reminder that the movie's release is only a week away!

The LEGO Batman Movie

"No, Bruce Wayne lives in Batman's attic." Let me tell you about this film. It will be AMAZING. My favorite version of Batman, other than Ben Affleck, is Lego Batman. Because he's hilarious. Also, he's a Lego. So add Alfred, Robin, and more Legos, and basically... just shut up and take my money! I'm excited. I can't wait for the cheesy jokes.

The CW Superhero Shows

Each of the CW superhero shows received their own trailers for the upcoming fall season, but this one was especially cool because of how it used classic comic book designs and narration. Plus, it combines all four of the shows into one trailer, which hints at the possibility of a four-show crossover! (Please happen. Please!) In addition, the trailer welcomed Supergirl to the CW network, which was cute. I'm ready for these shows to come back!

The Justice League 

I admit I was a little hesitant, yet very excited, to watch this special sneak peek for The Justice League movie. I've been on the fence about the casting choices (mainly Barry Allen because I adore Barry Allen from The Flash), and I've been worried about the plot every since I saw Batman vs Superman. But let me tell you, I am 100% sold on this film now. The moment I saw Ezra Miller in character as Barry Allen, I was on board just as fast as he was to join the Justice League. ("Stop right there. I'm in.") I'm super stoked to see a new side of Aquaman--a hey-I'm-like-the-Greek-god-Poseidon-instead-of-a-surfer-boy side of him. He looks terrifying. And beautiful. I'm not sold on Cyborg, but it's... Cyborg, so... who cares? Batfleck: I love you forever. Superman: Where are you? Wonder Woman: Yes. Just yes. Basically, I'm excited. And I'm really hoping they don't screw this up.

Wonder Woman

Since I'm so freaking excited about this film FINALLY being released, I've enlisted the help of Anna Gensimore to share our thoughts on it. 

Basically, GIVE IT TO ME NOW. I can't even properly express how I feel about Wonder Woman finally getting her own movie. I'm super pumped. The music, the action, the time period setting--I love it all. I love that the cast of the film is made up of one male lead and three female leads. I love her outfit. I love her kickass fighting. I love everything about this. This movie is going to be so important, and this trailer has given me so much hope that Wonder Woman will finally get the justice she deserves! Now I'm going to go lie down (and probably cry for a while) and wait for next year to hurry up and get here.

Anna G.: 
"You're a man."
"Yeah...don't I look like one?"
First of all, I forgot Chris Pine was in this! What we see of the set makes me hope for more of a glimpse into the Amazon mythos. Gal Gadot is pretty much exactly how I'd imagined Wonder Woman, and the slow reveal of all her gear confirmed that. The scene and voice over from her mother made me tear up even though it's barely 10 seconds. I think the plot details hinted at are a nice taste without being overwhelming. Bits of witty dialogue with Chris Pine's character and Wonder Woman's  rebuttals show that their dynamic is going to be interesting to say the least. There are so many strong females featured in this trailer, and I'm thrilled about that. For the sake of little girls everywhere, I hope that this is the super-heroine film we've needed for so long.

Which DC adaptation are you most looking forward to? What was your favorite Comic-Con trailer release?


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