Monday, June 20, 2016

My Top 3 Feel-Good Korean Dramas

 Sometimes you need to watch something feel-good. Maybe you're feeling low, you've had a bad day/week/month, and you want to immerse yourself in something that will make you laugh - but won't numb your brain due to lack of substance. (This is why I'm not usually a fan of chick flicks - the lack of deeper elements usually means I'm bored rather than diverted.) Here I’m going to list my three favorite feel-good Korean dramas for your viewing pleasure!

1. Oh My Venus

This drama has everything. It is, first and foremost, a comedy; but it also delves into deeper, more varying themes like physical and mental health, overcoming difficult backgrounds, emotional healing, determination, and ideas of beauty and perception. It stars Shin Min-Ah (one of my favorite comedic actresses) and So Ji-Sub (one of my favorite actors) as the main romantic couple, and co-stars Bang Sung-Hoon (who deserves a leading role one day, honestly) and Henry (of Super Junior fame). Mom walked in when I was watching this drama one day and she loved it so much that she started it herself - and finished it in record time. Hilarious, heartbreaking, and ultimately uplifting, this drama will leave you feeling inspired and happy.

2. The Girl Who Sees Smells

Also known as 'Sensory Couple,' this drama stars Shin Se-Kyung (adorably hilarious without being over-the-top) as a hopeful comedienne, and Park Yoo-Chun (better known as Mickey, of JYJ fame) as a hopeful homicide detective. They each carry strange abilities - after being in respective comas, Oh Cho-Rim (Shin Se-Kyung) can physically see smells, and Moo-Gak (Park Yoo-Chun) feels no physical pain. This leads to hysterical antics as the two awkwardly meet, team up, and fall in love - while on the trail of the serial killer who murdered Oh Cho-Rim's parents and Moo-Gak's younger sister. 

3. Full House Take 2

This is one of the most downright hilarious dramas I've ever seen. Sure, it has its fair share of heart-wrenchingly painful moments, but 80% of the drama is purely comedic. The drama stars Hwang Jung-Eum (She Was Pretty, Kill Me Heal Me) as Oh Man-Ok, an aspiring fashion-designer/martial artist, and No Min Woo (of TRAX fame) as Lee Tae-Ik, a famous singer struggling through financial issues. It co-stars Park Ki-Wong (Gaksital) as Won Kang-Hwi, Tae-Ik's musical partner. The drama follows the three as they try to cover up secrets, stumble their way through a love triangle, and fight through the various troubles and rumors that accompany fame.


 Do you have a favorite feel-good drama?

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  1. Thanks for these suggestions! I've been in a bit of a TV hangover, and I really just want to watch a great Korean drama. I think I'll have to try Oh My Venus (-: