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DC'S Legends of Tomorrow Season Finale Reaction: "Legendary" (1x16)

Spoilers for DC's Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow. Warning: This post includes violence and language and lots of screaming. 

In the previous episode, the Time Masters were destroyed along with Snart. (I'm still angry.) Savage got away (again), but this time, he took Kendra and Carter with him. Now he's making plans to erase time itself and go back to where everything began: Ancient Egypt. Can the Legends stop him once and for all and save time? Let's find out. To the Wave Rider!

The Legends of Tomorrow season finale was a whirlwind. The beginning was slow, which had me worried about the outcome. By the end though, the episode had me yelling and running around my house in excitement for what's to come. (No joke, I did run around my house screaming.)

The Best Moments:
-Ray talking to Rory about being heroes instead of criminals was probably one of my favorite moments from the episode. Rory tries to get someone else to help him commit crime, but that person just isn't Leonard Snart. So instead Ray convinces him to give up his criminal tendencies and do something heroic: save the world. It was lovely.

(I'm so glad Rory will still be on this show.--source)

-The team coming back together because they can't give up on saving the world was perfection. They literally make Rip Hunter come back for them and demand he let them help stop Savage. This moment truly showed all the character development of the team. They work together to do what they knew needed to be done: saving the world.

Ray: "Just curious, how much headway have you had tracking Savage without all of us?"
Rip: "None. But neither have I got myself into bar fights in 1975 and the Old West, put dwarf star technology into the hands of terrorists, or got myself turned into a scary bird monster."
Rory: "We get your point. Now get ours. That ship's not taking off without us." 

-Kendra and her ferocity was actually exciting this episode. Whether she was running from Savage through a war-torn France in 1944 or she was fighting baddies from 2021, Kendra impressed me during this episode. She was smart, thinking outside of the box (and outside of time itself) to help the Legends, despite not being in the same century as them. She also wouldn't back down or give up. And she mustered up the strength and courage to finally strike Savage. Amazing.

(I'm really trying to focus on Kendra here, but Savage's face in the 3rd gif is too much.--source.)

-Jax and Mrs. Stein teaming up to make Dr. Stein join the Legends team again was so cute and hilarious. Mrs. Stein is probably the best ever because she knows what her husband wants (to save the world) and she's allowing him to go do it. It's so perfect.

-Savage's plan was actually pretty interesting. He wanted to use the meteors and Kendra and Carter's blood to reset time and send him back to Ancient Egypt. Once there, he would use the meteors to take over the world. However, he failed because he underestimated the Legends, which consist of two geniuses, a time-traveler, and handful of kick-ass bodyguards. He didn't stand a chance.

Jax: "Okay, it's official. This is the craziest bad guy plan in the history of bad guy plans."
Rip: "I don't think that sanity is a yardstick by which Vandal Savage can be measured."

-The Legends' plan of defeating Savage was so cool. While it felt kind of easy that they figured out his plan and his weakness in pouring the blood on the meteors, I loved that they once more worked together--despite being decades apart--to stop Savage. It was very satisfying to watch Sara, Rory, Rip, and Kendra defeat Savage once and for all. I also loved that they went back to time periods they'd been to before. It helped bring the different episodes of the show together.

Rory: "Damnit. I wanted to be the one to kill him. Again, I mean."

-Rip flying the meteor into the sun and deciding he wasn't ready to die was super important for his character development. He still couldn't save his family, which was devastatingly sad. But he was able to move past that to focus on bigger things like his new friends and protecting time. I loved that the Legends were all moved by Rip's sacrifice. Again, their character development is obvious.

Rip: "I guess this is goodbye."
Ray: "It's been a pleasure, Captain."
Rip: "Likewise, Dr. Palmer."
Jax: "But you brought us all into this, man."
Rip: "Which is why I'm doing this alone, Mr. Jackson. I'll have no one else die for my choices."
Sara: "This isn't going to bring Snart back."
Rory: "I don't want to lose another friend."
Rip: "I appreciate that, Mr. Rory. I must say, it's been an honor to serve as your cap--"

-The end scene was what made me run around the house screaming. While Carter and Kendra won't be joining the team next season, the rest of the team will be back. And it's going to be fantastic. The introduction of Rex Tyler (Hourman) and the Justice Society of America promises much bigger things for the future of the CW superhero shows. Since Supergirl will be joining the CW lineup next fall for season 2, I can see them bringing the Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and the Legends together for JSA adventures! Which is exciting. (The last time this happened was during the JSA episodes of Smallville several years ago, which was a highlight of the show.)

The Worst Moments:
-Sara dealing with Laurel's death was the absolute worst moment. Caity Lotz did a phenomenal job pulling off Sara's grief and rage. She attacked Rip and demanded to go back to save her sister, which was so heartbreaking. (I love sister relationships, so I'm thrilled the CW has managed to pull off a great one.) In the end, Lance helps her decide to continue as a Legend in order to honor everything Laurel did for her. (Seriously, Laurel Lance is leaving a huge legacy. This is the only thing that can make her death a tiny bit better.)

(The best mentor award goes to... Rip Hunter!--source)

-Rory finds Snart in Central City in the past and talks to him. It actually hurt, people! While I was super proud of Rory for stepping up and saying what needed to be said, it was so sad to watch him fumble over his words. I hope they find a way to bring Snart back temporarily because I don't want him to be gone!

(Poor Rory.--source)

Concluding Thoughts
The show as a whole had its ups and downs. There were some flaws, but that is to be expected when dealing with criminals, assassins, and losers. This show revealed the imperfections of heroes and villains alike, but it also allowed for those imperfections to create legendary characters and stories. At the end of a superhero story, I want to feel good about the world and the characters I'm interacting with. I don't want there to be a bitter or gloomy atmosphere left. I want there to be hope and light and excitement. For me, Legends of Tomorrow did all of that and more. It may not be the most exciting or the best written superhero show on air, but it definitely had adventure, laughs, and a whole lot of hope. Here's to season two!


(Same. Just kidding. I'm always hungry for chicken.--source)

What did you think of "Legendary"? What are you looking forward to in season two?


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