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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Reaction: "Leviathan" (1x13)

Spoilers for DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

The Legends of Tomorrow are running out of time. They've exhausted their opportunities to stop Savage in the past, and now they've only got one more chance to stop him. Can they do it? To the Wave Rider!

This episode was... fun. It had a lot of cool moments. However, the end made me want to groan and hit something with a mace. I continually wonder how the writers can drag out this story arc any longer, but we've got three more episodes to go, so I'm sure they'll manage. (I just wish they would do some of it better.)

They Legends must travel to London in 2166, only a few days before Savage slaughters Rip's family. This is their last chance to stop Savage. Ever. But of course, it's not that simple. A lot of things get in the way including: the rebels, a giant robot thing, and Vandal Savage's daughter. (Yes, I said daughter. Creeeeeepy.)

(Why is this so funny?--source)

The Good:
Snart wins all the awards for the best character this episode (and possibly for the entire show). While he always has the best one-liners and quick responses, he has been even more exceptional with his words this episode. From the first minute Vandal Savage's daughter, Cassandra, made eye contact with Snart, I was sold. I knew these two would have such a wonderful time on screen together. I was not disappointed. Even more so, I was astounded at how quickly Snart realized he and Cassandra--or Cassie--were similar due to their "crap fathers." It was amazing to see the parallelism. (And now I definitely ship them. A lot.)

(Actually the best, Leonard Snart.--source)

Jessica Sipos did an excellent job portraying Savage's daughter. She was cold, calculated, and conceited. She knew who she was and who had trained her. (Plus: her clothes were fabulous.) It was marvelous to see Snart change her mind about Savage. I'm excited to see what she does next now that she's joining the Resistance. (Also, side note: Can we please come up with better names for groups of rebels than "The Resistance"?)

(Did I tell you how much I love him yet?--source)

In addition, Leviathan, the giant, evil robot (read: Ultron on steroids), was pretty epic. Even more so, Ray modifying his suit to make it grow big instead of just small was awesome! Their fight was pretty much amazing. It was like a battle between giant robot armor. It was like Pacific Rim and Neon Genesis Evangelion but with Ray Palmer fighting Ultron. Plus, Jax helping out Ray was hilarious. Everybody is fighting while Stein is asleep and Jax is chilling in the Wave Rider cheering Ray on. I loved it.

Jax: "Rip said you told him you don't believe in fate, just choices. Well, you got a choice to make right now. You got to choose to get up and fight. You got to choose to live."

Rory and Sara were gorgeous as ever. (Yes, I did just say Rory was gorgeous. In his grumpy, let's-burn-everything-up kind of way. I love his dialogue too.) They weren't as central to the episode this time, but they managed to give their brilliant input as necessary. And they fought, which was as epic as ever.

(Beautiful. Just beautiful.--source)

Rip Hunter continues to writhe in turmoil. He confesses that he tried to save his family several times before gathering the Legends. But every time, Savage won and his family died, no matter what he did. Ray talking to Rip about fate was also perfect. Having eight main characters brings the opportunity for a lot of different opinions and thinking to surface. It's interesting to see how and why certain people believe what they do.

Rip: "What exactly do you think you were doing back there?"
Snart: "Distracting Savage's pals, which worked by the way."
Rip: "Yes, well, I could've been killed."
Rory: "Never said it worked perfectly."

The Bad:
The entire plot with Kendra was... aggravating. Most of what happened was predictable, and the constant "I love Ray, but Carter..." thing has been driving me nuts the last few episodes. I can see that she would be torn because of her past and everything, but every time she's resolved to stick it out with Ray, something else happens that makes her change her mind... again. It's getting obnoxious.

Rory: "You sure you can do this? Bash Savage's skull with Carter's mace?"
Kendra: "You got a better plan?"
Rory: "It's not the weapon I'm worried about. Thousands of years of reincarnation, and I'm guessing you've killed a grand total of nobody. Yet here you are, entering into the Olympics of murder." 

Also, I knew Carter wasn't dead. How could he be permanently dead.? They just traveled 150 years into the future, and Carter hasn't reincarnated yet? Yeah, no. I could have guessed episodes ago that Savage was using Carter, whether it was his new body or the old one resurrected. The fact that Savage has a hold over Carter's mind was unimpressive as well. Of course, Kendra couldn't kill him. That would be too easy. The season would be over three episodes early. But the reasoning was just so bland. I was hoping for something more, something better, than Carter simply not remembering who he is. (Kendra didn't know who she was at first either...)


I thought Kendra had chosen Ray, that Carter was her past. So why not let Carter go and he can live a life he chooses instead of forcing him to remember his past like he forced her? I don't know. I guess that's what this show does: it hits the hard questions in life. (I just wish Carter would go away. He's annoying.)

Concluding Thoughts
While the end made me angry, the rest of the episode was fun. I can't believe they had Savage on the ropes again, but something so small and stupid stopped them from defeating him once and for all. I can't see how the writers can drag this out further with it becoming even more annoying and disappointing. Don't fail me, writers!

However, despite this, the episode showed the Legends as heroes once again. They did everything in their power to save the refugees from the Resistance camp. Stein, Jax, and Ray were adamant about keeping them safe from Savage. This once more shows what a hero means: saving those who can't save themselves. And in the end, despite everything that occurred, there was a sense of hope. They have Savage locked up, Cassandra is joining the Resistance, and they saved the refugees. There is hope that they haven't completely lost yet; there's hope for a brighter tomorrow.

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