Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Walking Dead Reaction: "East" (6x15)

Sky Destrian

Normally I have so much more to say about TWD episodes, but this time, I'm just stressed because I'm thinking about the finale.

This episode had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. It was a slow build of suspense that just got more and more intense right up until the end.

It was hard to see Carol have to kill, but at the same time, it was realistic--this is the world they live in now. I was really terrified she was going to die, so I'm glad she didn't, and the way she took those men down was creative and smart.

From a moral standpoint, I really don't like where Rick's character is going, but from a storytelling standpoint, it's fantastic. I like the darker version of Rick who's edgy and doesn't take chances. It's really interesting (if not terrifying) to see.

I was bothered that Morgan had Rick turn back. It's bad for anyone to be out alone, and having Morgan by himself seems like a prelude to his death. I'm hoping that isn't the case. I also have a feeling that whoever was in the barn may come back to haunt them somehow. (For instance, what if it was Negan?)

I'm really done with Dwight on the show. He's done too much bad, and I'd like him to just stop, please and thank you.

I do think Daryl will be okay. Dwight only shot his shoulder, which is a wound you can come back from. I feel that it's just a way to get us worried, but the real death will be a shock.

And at this point, said death could be anyone. Glenn, Daryl, Rosita, and Michonne are all at risk (much to my dismay). So is Morgan... and even Rick. And who knows where Carol is? There could be others at risk as well, considering anything can and does happen on this show. There are so many possibilities for who dies (especially if there are multiple deaths), so I'm pretty concerned. 

ALSO, IF MAGGIE AND HER BABY ARE NOT OKAY, I WILL NOT BE OKAY.  (On a much more shallow note, I do think Maggie's new haircut is interesting, and it is symbolic of her growth as a person.)

We got a brief look at Negan in the preview for the finale, and I feel sick to my stomach about it. I'm so nervous, I can't even handle it. Fingers crossed for tonight, folks. May the odds be ever in these characters' favor.

Have you seen "East"? What did you think of it?


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