Friday, February 5, 2016

Take a Trip to Austenland

At some point, most of us have wondered what it would be like to disappear in the world of our favorite stories and get to experience it just like we were one of the characters. Austenland (a quirky rom-com based on the novel of the same name by Shannon Hale) explores what such an opportunity might look like. 

So pack your bags—here are three reasons to take a trip to Austenland:

The main character is a fangirl.
Jane has been a fan of Jane Austen’s work since she was a kid, but over time she’s hidden her obsession from everyone because she’s afraid of what they might think. But what Jane really wants is what all of Austen’s heroines have: true love and someone who cares about her. 

Since her attempts at finding her Mr. Darcy have been less than successful, Jane decides to go to Austenland. Maybe she’ll meet her true love there. Maybe she won’t. Regardless, Jane knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to make the most of her chance. She’s the heroine of her own story.

It pokes fun at, while still glorying in, fandom.
Usually when a fangirl is depicted in fiction, it’s as the weird, nerdy character. In the case of Austenland, the whole point is escaping into one’s favorite fictional atmosphere and embracing it (or trying to), which actually makes Jane “the normal one.”

In Austenland, it is totally acceptable (and required) to fully embrace the fictional world. Even if it isn’t quite what is expected.

It’s all about chasing one’s dreams, even if they don’t turn out as planned.
Jane dreams of finding true love—romantic and perfect, just like it is in her favorite books. In going to Austenland, she realizes the fantasy may not be as perfect as it always appeared. Even though things aren’t how she hoped, it doesn’t mean real life can’t be as good as (or even better) than what she dreamed of.

If you could spend a day in a fictional world of your choosing, which would it be? 


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