Saturday, February 27, 2016

Supernatural Reaction: "Beyond the Mat" (11x15)

"ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE????" Wednesday night's episode started off with a smack-down of sorts. I get that many wrestling matches are very theatrical, but a noose? That wrestler was asking for payback. Supernatural has been throwing good episodes at us since the return from break. Misha Collins has been portraying a scary good Lucifer, and our brothers are experiencing difficulties in coming to a decision (again) on how to take down the big bad. Just a warning to sensitive viewers: Supernatural is an intense and graphic television show. If you are in any way squeamish to violent/twisted story lines, I would look away from this post. As always...SPOILERS!

More heartbreaking childhood reminiscing and a trip away from important matters start off this episode. Hell is full of spunk again now that Lucifer has returned. It's quite weird seeing Crowley not in a suit or sitting on the throne. We all know that won't last long...and it didn't. While I'm fangirling over Sam's new flannel, Dean is fangirling over his childhood wrestling heroes. It's nice to see them get THAT excited. They were like a little boys again.


There's not a time that the Winchesters can go for fun without it turning into a case. That being said, we got to see Dean bounce around the ring smiling and then hurting himself. Our boys are getting older. You could look at it negatively, but considering that hunters don't usually get the chance to grow old, they're doing pretty good. Rio (the manager and Sam's boyhood crush) reminded me of Ellen Harvelle, yet another character death I haven't gotten over yet. Speaking of bar owners and bars, the wrestlers drank Dean under the table. Never would have thought that was possible considering we don't know when the last time Dean was sober.


The red-eyed dealing Demons are back! It's been a while, and though they are evil, they're classic bad guys and so smooth. Demons have a way of suavely torturing humans, I guess it's because they've learned from the master of debonair punishment. Lucifer hits Crowley with the sharp reality that everyone hates him...


...and Crowley strikes back with a double whammy in the form of Moses' Staff. I'm really loving that the writers made it so that the holy objects that God's power resides in, is of one-time use. It makes things hard but keeps one being from becoming too powerful. Hellhounds took over the wrestler's dumb deal, and the boys headed home. Tonight was another good filler episode. There was plot progression with the Lucifer/Crowley power struggle, and the Winchester's got a well-deserved energy burst. Sucks that we have to wait until March 23rd to see what looks like a GREAT episode!

In the end, we heard another way to sum up how outsiders describe this show:
"Some kind of weird satanic crap" - Sam Winchester

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