Thursday, December 10, 2015

Supergirl Reactions: Episodes 5-7

For the past few weeks our favorite female superhero, Supergirl, has been under a lot of pressure to save the day. From aliens to androids to losing her powers, she's had one crazy battle after another. Now, we've gathered to give our reactions to the latest few episodes!

Spoilers included.

Episode 5: "How Does She Do It?"
Air date: 11.23.15, CBS

Wow, there was a lot going on in this episode! I think some of my favorite moments come from when Kara and her friends were watching Cat's son, Carter. This was probably the beginning of seeing a different side to Cat than before.

This episode had a lot of heart-pounding action and great dynamics between the characters. I loved meeting Carter, Cat’s son. I agree with Andrea: it was interesting to see Cat in a different role than just Supreme Boss Lady and Queen of Journalism. It was perfect that Carter was infatuated by Supergirl. Plus, Carter and Winn getting along together was adorable. He should definitely come back soon.

Maxwell Lord--I can tell he’s going to be trouble. If it was him who sent the bombs to test Supergirl, he’s a big jerk. I think he’s just jealous Supergirl is taking over the spotlight. Hank Henshaw continues to be an enigma. I’ve had my theories of who he is; we’ll learn soon enough.

I want to like Lucy Lane because she’s… Lucy Lane, but I find myself disliking her more and more. Maybe it’s because I feel for Kara being stuck in the middle of the Lucy and Jimmy--James--relationship drama. Either way, something is off about her.

Episode 6: "Red Faced"
Air date: 11.30.15, CBS

Cat's wall continues to come down as we meet her mother. (Which explains a lot, might I add. Wow.) And we get to see Kara angry... which was sad but understandable. (If I was her, I'd get angry when she did.)

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Kara’s struggle to control her emotions in order to control her powers felt very relatable (despite the fact I don’t have “god-like powers”). I thought it was excellent that her anger stemmed from Krypton’s explosion and her life being thrust upside down, not something else like Jimmy Olsen and Lucy Lane. That just would have been annoying. Speaking of which, this love triangle is super awkward. I honestly can’t tell if Jimmy likes Lucy or Kara. He constantly cuddles up to Lucy, but then he’ll give the sad puppy eye look to Kara. Poor Winn. He’s just caught up in all the mess, and he can see everything.

The arrival of General Lane aggravated me. I’m almost surprised this is the man who raised Lois Lane. But I see it. He’s a pig-head. And Major Lucy Lane isn’t any better. The scene with them bashing Supergirl made me dislike them both even more. You show them, Kara. 

The introduction of Cat’s mom was a doozy. Wow, no wonder Cat is the way she is. Her mother is like… worse. I did like Cat’s pep talk to Kara. I think Cat is finally seeing Kara for who she is as a person and not someone to just order around. But I could be wrong. There’s definitely potential for a good mentorship thing. 

I thought the Red Tornado was an interesting adversary. The android/artificial intelligence fit nicely into the world with drones, aliens, and bullet trains.  It was a nice nod to Frankenstein. I expected more from his character since I’ve actually heard the name before, but hey, there’s always room for bad guys to return. 

I wasn’t at all surprised to learn Hank had something to do with Daddy Danvers’ death. He’s been acting too suspicious for something not to happen. Kara slicing herself on the broken glass--and bleeding--was surprising! What happened to her powers????

Episode 7: "Human For a Day"
Air date: 12.6.15

I guess there really isn't much to say other than... Kara as a human was interesting and touching, and I LOVED Hank's storyline this episode!! (I'd say more, but that would border on spoiler territory.) Oh, there is one more thing... I felt for poor Winn, even if he was a little overdramatic about things.

This episode was one of the best so far; it showed another side of Kara as a hero that I think is necessary to depict in superhero shows/movies. She loses her powers because of finishing off the android from the previous episode; basically, she burned herself out (which is something Superman apparently does from time to time as well). Now, she’s as close to being a human as possible. However, when the city is rocked by a few explosions, her inability to use her powers comes as a setback. It was definitely heartbreaking to see Kara unable to save a man’s life or to feel pain from breaking her arm.

Yet, despite her “weakness,” she still prevailed as a hero. Jimmy--James--gives Kara a pep talk, which spurs her to help people despite her burn-out. He says no hero can save everybody, but a real hero doesn’t stop trying. She used her other gifts to stop crime and save lives, which I thought was a powerful message. She used words to stop a robbery. She used her brain to save people on a high floor of a building. And just when she was needed as Supergirl, her abilities restarted. 

I wasn’t surprised to learn Hank Henshaw is Martian Manhunter. The first time I saw his eyes glow red, I thought he had to be the last son of Mars. His name, however, threw me off because in the comics Hank Henshaw is Cyborg Superman. However, I’m glad he’s Martian Manhunter and a good guy. I hope we do get more backstory on the real Hank Henshaw and whether he connects to Cyborg Superman.

Also Alex Danvers is a badass.

What do you think of Supergirl so far? React with us in the comments! 


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