Monday, December 7, 2015

Something Wick'd This Way Comes {Giveaway #3}

So today's giveaway sponsor has a totally wicked (as in...wickedly awesome and wickedly wicked) prize for one very, very lucky winner.

Wicked doesn't like to be kept waiting, so let's proceed without any further delay.

 Today's giveaway is being sponsored by the amazingly fun Deanna from 'Something Wick'd,' which I have to say is the best play-on-words shop name I have quite possibly ever heard, and it makes my pun-loving heart happy.

 Something Wick'd offers an arrange of candles, both in scents and appearance, as well as wax melts for those who prefer the flame less wax pot options.

From a Hot Cocoa candle nestled in a cup, to a messily churned up Walker Blood candle,  Something Wick'd has a bit of everything to offer.

Ashley:  “I guess the first and foremost question is, are you a fangirl/boy yourself? Tell us a bit about yourself!”

Deanna: "Of course! I'm more of a gamer girl than anything else, but I am proficient in many fandoms, including many animes, Supernatural, Harry Potter, and Doctor Who. Right now I'm playing a lot of Borderlands 2, and I plan to cosplay as Claptrap!"

Ashley:  “How did you decide to combine your love and interest of your fandoms and your craft together? Was there an ‘ah ha’ moment?”

Deanna: "I started making candles off a whim, and I'm very business-minded, so I decided to start selling them. My first two candles were pumpkin spice and sugar cookie, but I couldn't really continue from there without putting a bit of myself into it. Everyone sells sugar cookie candles, but there are really only a couple of us on Etsy who make candles that we and other fangirls/boys can enjoy. Plus it's super fun to get creative with scents and themes!"

Ashley: “You cater to a wide variety of fans with your shop, have there been any interesting experiences because of that?”

Deanna: "I try to experiment with my scents and themes to see who my audience is and what they'll accept. I have some widely-appealing scents like chocolate chip cookie and peach lemonade from different fandoms/interests that don't sell very well, but the moment I put up a pizza-scented "Pizza Planet" candle, it sold out in a week! I decided to keep my scents as wicked as possible because there is always someone out there who will find it fun and interesting."

Ashley: “Where else can our lovely readers find you to keep up with you and your shop?”

Deanna: "I have a Facebook page and an Instagram!"

Ashley: “Do you ever create a candle from a show or book that you love and think, ‘oh I’m keeping this one’? I ask as a one-time shop owner myself, and this happened to me waaaay too frequently!"

Deanna: "I've actually only kept two of them for myself! One "zen.," and one Whiskey Sour, but they were only to test them (I promise)! I operate on a small scale (4 of each scent unless it becomes popular, like my Polyjuice Potion or Butterbeer), and this keeps my willpower strong so that I don't hoard all of my candles! I definitely want to keep some of them, but I have to be a mama bird and let them fly on their own."

  Ashley: “What show/book/movie are you super into right now?”

Deanna: I am super into all things zombie at the moment. I religiously watch The Walking Dead, I play The Walking Dead app game (and have both board games based on the comics), have almost finished Black Ops Nightmares, and I have stocked up on many Zombie Strike Nerf guns. Also, my fiancee and I just did a post-apocalyptic (zombie hunting) Cosmo and Wanda cosplay!"

  Ashley: “What have your experiences as a fan been like?”

Deanna: "I was born and raised with nerd pride. My dad was a die-hard collector of Star Wars/Star Trek memorabilia, my name is Deanna based on Deanna Troi, and I grew up watching Star Trek: Enterprise and Doctor Who. I live in Vegas so I've been going to the Star Trek Convention since I was tiny, and I've been playing video games ever since my sister taught me how to play Duck Hunt. I get irrationally happy when I glimpse my heroes at convention panels, but doesn't everyone?

I think fangirls are some of the most resilient people. We fall in love with people/characters who don't exist and forgive them for all of their flaws (Loki <3), and we wait ever so patiently for more developments in our favorite series. We never lose hope in our creators/authors, even if they disappoint us once in a while."

Ashley:  “Can you tell us about the product that you are (so very very sweetly, may I add) sponsoring for this giveaway?”

Deanna: "I am giving away one candle or wax melt of the winner's choice! I represent too many interests and fandoms to just choose one for the winner, so it's best if they pick. All of my products are made with love, natural soy wax, and wooden wicks (or minimalist plastic clamshell packaging)"

Is it just me, or does she seem like the total bomb diggity? 

There are so many amazing options to choose from, so I don't turn green with envy over the winner's task of narrowing it down to one, but I do get a bit jade skinned that you guys have the ability to enter and win a fantabulous candle of your choice. 

A Few of My Favorite Beasties:

Hot cocoa, complete with puffy marshmallow and a small spill.
Freaky green, you can almost imagine eerie mist wafting off of the candle as it burns.
Walker Blood looks absolutely horrid. My favorite.
'Making Christmas' will have you humming the Nightmare Before Christmas song, while you do whatever ghouls do best.

And now, I present to you like the poisoned apple (Just less deadly. I'm a nice evil queen), the giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You know the rules, no cheating, no trickery, no wickedness.  
Or we may just have to turn you into a mushroom or toad. 
Don't test us...
 I may seem nice,



  1. I love the hot cocoa candle

    - Judith

  2. The Frankenstein candle looks so cool! The shade of green is just fantastic. :D

  3. The Frankenstein and the Making Christmas are so awesome!