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Arrow Season Four and The Flash Season Two Recaps: Episodes 6-7

Tonight, Arrow and The Flash team up for a two-part legendary crossover: Heroes Join Forces. This crossover is prepping the team for DC's Legends of Tomorrow, which will air in January (*cheers everywhere*). To get ready, let's recap what's been happening on Arrow and The Flash recently.

On The Flash...

The Flash Episode 6: "Enter Zoom"
Air date: 11.10.15, The CW


This episode picks up with Dr. Light--Linda Park's doppleganger from Earth-2--locked up in STAR Labs. Barry decides they need to stop Zoom now, before it's too late (even though Jay Garrick advises otherwise). He thinks Dr. Light might be suitable bait to lure Zoom to them. Except Dr. Light has escaped her cell. However, since she has conveniently left her suit behind, they decide to enlist Linda Park to help catch Zoom. (Brilliant idea, Barry. Not.)

"Harry" (Earth-2 Harrison Wells) is confident he can create a speed dampening serum to stop Zoom (or at least slow him down to their advantage). Iris--who has been babysitting Linda--thinks it's worth a shot (though everybody else seems to be agreeing with Jay and aren't so sure). They invite Linda to STAR Labs where The Flash asks for her help.

Cisco rigs up a training center for Linda to practice with Dr. Light's suit. Most of the training sequence leaves the team worried, not confident. However, they still go through with their plan. Joe tries to talk to Barry, warning him of Linda's safety and Barry's own motives to take down Zoom. While Barry doesn't seem too worried, he does decide to tell Linda who he is. He reveals to her that he's The Flash. (To which she responds: "I made out with The Flash." Really?)


They set up a fake fight on the docks, which in no way is believable even to a masked psychopath running between two universes. However, Linda/Dr. Light "knocks out" Barry and tosses his Flash emblem (you know, the newly designed one) into a portal to "call" Zoom to them. But Zoom doesn't show. They return to STAR Labs with disappointment.

Meanwhile, Patty talks to Joe about Barry, feeling there's something Joe isn't telling her (Well...). She admits she kissed Barry, but Joe still doesn't let on there's more. Barry visits Patty to reassure her that he wants to get to know her and spend time with her. There are also sideways flashbacks of Harry in Earth-2 with his daughter. In one, the TV announces Robert Queen is revealed as a masked vigilante after his son Oliver died in the shipwreck. (I see what you did there.)

Then Zoom does show up and kidnaps Linda. He takes her to the STAR Labs roof and drops her over the edge. Barry manages to catch her, but Zoom follows, ready for a face off. Barry tosses a thunderbolt toward Zoom, confident it'll catch him off guard. But it doesn't. Instead, Zoom catches the lightning bolt and throws it back at Barry. Changing tactics, Barry decides to use Harry's speed dampening serum on Zoom. But this fails too.


Zoom gets the upper hand, injects the serum into Barry, and beats him to a pulp. Zoom then drags Barry across the city like he's nothing more than a rag doll, showing off The Flash's battered body to all of Central City. He returns to STAR Labs to taunt Harry, but Cisco shoots him with a surprise dose of the serum. He's injured but still manages to speed away in escape. He leaves Barry crumpled on the floor. The team stabilize Barry, but he's still out. Joe is furious. Cisco, who had attempted multiple times to "vibe" on Harry, admits he saw Harry's daughter locked up by Zoom. Harry admits he's trying to stop Zoom to save his daughter.

Barry wakes up and tells Caitlin and Cisco that he can't feel his legs. (Duh-duh-DUN!)

The Flash Episode 7: "Gorilla Warfare"
Air date: 11.17.15, The CW

The episode begins with Barry on the mend. He can walk, but he's unable to use his speed because of the psychological toll he took during his fight with Zoom. He doesn't believe in himself. (Now would be a great time for Jay Garrick to return with a pep talk. Please?) Harry is also shaken by the encounter with Zoom. He wants to return to his Earth to save his daughter, convinced his plan to use Barry to stop Zoom failed. Caitlin tries to get him to stay. Together, they think of a plan that might work to catch Zoom.

However, their plans are put on hold because GRODD is back, and he kidnaps Caitlin. He wants her to find a way to make more GRODDs. (Right...) The team learns Caitlin is missing and come up with a plan to save her, using Harry. They find out where GRODD is, and Harry, dressed in the Reverse-Flash suit (What, there was just a spare lying around?), goes to GRODD'S hideout. He asks GRODD to let Caitlin go, which makes the intelligent gorilla realize he isn't actually Harrison Wells. The Wells from Earth-1 would never ask for something.

GRODD gets mad and chucks Harry across the room. Cisco arrives to save Caitlin, Harry injects GRODD with some kind of serum, and they escape. But now GRODD is on a rampage in the city, and they need Barry to help stop him.


Since Barry's speed force isn't coming back--he continues to suffer from his fight--Iris calls Henry Allen for help. He arrives and gives the pep talk Barry needed. Between Henry and Joe, Barry finds the confidence to keep going.

Together with Wells and Caitlin, Barry helps lure GRODD to a speed cannon (courtesy of Cisco). They push GRODD through, which sends him to a safe haven for scientifically tested gorillas in Earth-2. (Convenient, eh?)

Meanwhile, Barry once more must smooth things over with Patty, who has noticed his absence and suspects more is going on. (Who wants to bet she'll figure out Barry's secret before he has the chance to tell her?) Cisco goes on his date with Kendra, the barista (aka Hawkgirl) and "vibes." He sees a mysterious figure with wings (Hmm...), which sends him running from the date to investigate. However, he tries to make it up to her with a second date. When she kisses him, he gets another vibe, which reveals the person with wings again... only it's Kendra. (Duh-dun-DUN!)

Meanwhile, on Arrow...

Arrow Episode 6: "Lost Souls"
Air date: 11.11.15

Ray Palmer is alive, and he needs Felicity's help. After decrypting Ray's message, Felicity contacts him with a video message and learns he and his suit have been captured. Only he's been shrunk down and kept inside some kind of cube by Damien Darhk. When Oliver tries to help, she shuts him down and asks Curtis for help. This drives a wedge between Oliver and Felicity, which only digs deeper throughout the episode.

Curtis helps Felicity design a device to save Ray from his shrunken state. However, they're missing one key part which can only be obtained by a rival company, Kord Industries. They need Oliver's help after all. The Arrow team suits up to break into Kord Industries, newly refreshed Sara joining them. They secure the device, but things only seem to get worse when Sara acts out during the mission, similar to Thea's blood-lust rampage.

Meanwhile, Felicity's mother returns to town... at Oliver's request (oh, Chatty Cathy). This doesn't bode well with Felicity, who is worried over saving Ray. After a failed dinner plan, Felicity sits Oliver down and explains her worries: she feels like she's losing herself to their relationship. Oliver decides to give her some space, at Diggle's approval.

Detective Lance meets with Darhk to ask him to help Sara. However, it's all a ruse so Diggle can track Darhk when he leaves their meeting. They learn Darhk is holding Ray in the most secure building in Star City. It'll take the whole team to break in... including Curtis.


Oliver lets Darhk's Ghosts capture him in order to provide a distraction for Curtis and Felicity to base jump into the building. Darhk tries to de-hood Ollie, but Oliver gets out of his shackles and tries to shoot Darhk. Of course, Darhk uses his dark powers to stop Oliver, but the Green Arrow still manages to escape. Meanwhile, the golden trio of ladies (Thea, Laurel, Sara) hold a group of Ghosts hostage so Diggle can lead Felicity and Curtis safely to Ray's... cube.

They get him out of the cube, Sara almost goes psycho on a guard before Laurel pulls her away, and the eight heroes ride off into the darkness...

Ray decides to lay low for now, not interested in telling anyone he survived the explosion due to his ultra-cool supersuit. Sara decides to leave Star City to pursue help for her condition. Oliver and Felicity make up (and make out). Thea gives into Oliver's campaign adviser's date proposal. Detective Lance sits at a bar, clearly overwhelmed with everything going on. Felicity's mom joins him and the two begin to talk. (*Whistles*)

Arrow Episode 7: "Brotherhood"
Air date: 11.18.15, The CW

When on a mission, Diggle and Laurel are attacked by Ghosts. One of the Ghosts is Andrew... Diggle's brother, who is apparently not dead and evil. He attacks Diggle but flees, which leaves Diggle bewildered. Oliver tries to reason with Diggle, encouraging him that they still don't know the entire story of what happened to Andy. Diggle isn't convinced. He doesn't think that was his brother at all. Laurel tries to reason with him as well, but it doesn't work either.

Meanwhile, Oliver is busy with his campaign when Darhk approaches him at a gala in hopes of making a deal with him. (Of course, Darhk doesn't hesitate to make threats.) Oliver considers the deal in order to infiltrate Darhk's organization. Felicity doesn't think it's such a good idea. However, they decide to wait to do anything and instead try to save Andy.

Oliver and Diggle snoop around the docks and watch Darhk initiating new Ghosts into the ranks... with some kind of mind control pill. However, the Green Arrow and Diggle (Seriously, he needs a name) are spotted by Andy, who orders the Ghosts to shoot "the green one." They eventually escape, but Diggle isn't happy. Oliver enlists Ray's help in finding where a Ghost tooth they picked up came from. The chemicals on the tooth point to the Mueller Psychiatric center, an abandoned building (of course).

Despite Diggle's protests, Oliver plans another rescue mission, this one with the whole team on board. With fancy new tech courtesy of Curtis, the team can identify the soldiers under their masks to find Andy. Not everything goes as planned when Laurel and Thea are spotted. But Diggle and Ray show up as back up which turns the tide in their favor. They capture Andy and take him back to the Arrow lair. However, when Diggle talks to him, nothing reassuring comes out of Andy's mouth. (He's still acting pretty odd.) Oliver decides to not join Darhk's force but continues his plans to clean up the docks. Darhk isn't too happy about this.

Meanwhile, Darhk encounters Thea in the Psychiatric center, aiming to kill her with his mumbo jumbo powers. But when he grabs for her heart, he pulls back. Something is off with her because of her time in the Lazarus Pit. But this also causes her blood-lust to be satiated for the time being. Malcom Merlyn arrives (surprise, surprise) to check in on her, and she tells him about her encounter with Darhk. She wants Merlyn to help her find a way to make it permanent.

On the Island in the flashbacks, the bad soldier out to get Oliver takes him to their boss for killing a man. However, the boss uses some mumbo jumbo magic to learn the bad soldier is lying and Oliver is telling the truth. As punishment, Oliver is forced to whip the bad soldier. Oliver also has to tell the woman who is hiding out that her brother is dead (courtesy of Oliver). They make plans to get a map of the island to figure out why these soldiers are here.

Things are shaping up for the crossover and the beginning of the Legends. On The Flash's side, Kendra/Hawkgirl has surfaced, wings and all, and FIRESTORM is out there somewhere ready to go. On the Arrow's side, Sara has been resurrected just in time to don the White Canary mantle while Ray and his suit have been rescued. I don't know about you, but I'm ready for heroes to join forces!

What did you think of the most recent Arrow and The Flash episodes? Are you ready for this year's epic crossover?


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