Sunday, December 27, 2015

And on the Twelve Days of Christmas, Deadpool Gave to Me...

 *This post contains NSFW content.

As you may have heard, your friendly neighborhood merc with a mouth is making his big screen debut (we don't talk about X-Men) around Valentine's Day 2016. In a strategic and wonderful marketing move, Fox decided to build hype for the new red band Deadpool trailer along with counting down the days to Christmas. The trailer itself exposes new plot information and characters that we really haven't seen much of up to this point.

Because nothing says Christmas like a man in a red suit
1. He's packing...heat

Along with the video from which the above picture was screen capped, we also received our first gift of  twelve from Entertainment Weekly. I'm talking about this lovely poster.
Well, it's safe to say Fox isn't going to scrub his mouth out with soap...or duct tape him again. 
Interestingly enough, Deadpool is subjecting himself to the tongue-in-cheek (or maybe someone else's cheek in his case) fan service typical of female superheroes. That's the idea behind Deadpool as a character and film: to poke fun at, paradorize, and flip one's expectations of a superhero and superhero movie over. Then take those flipped expectations and use them as a surfboard to plow over the angry mob of mommy bloggers that Deadpool is practically contractually obligated to offend.

2. Cozy on up to Ol' Wade
Still bitter I didn't get to read Santa-pool my Christmas list (via People)
For day two, Ryan Reynolds took a few pictures and did an interview with People Magazine. These posters have popped up around the country and even in a theater close to me. I didn't get to take the awesome picture I'd planned because theater employees were goofing off around the poster instead of doing whatever they were supposed to be doing. I gave them my best withering glance as I passed. Can I just say that Ryan Reynolds has seriously embraced being Deadpool? He's absolutely hilarious and seems to actually understand the character and his motivations. His Twitter account seems to be evidence enough of that.

3. Plans for success

Ryan Reynolds seems to be enjoying himself quite a bit. Not to mention that fans are loving the fact that the marketing teams seem to really know their demographic. Through showing us things like this hand drawn battle plan Fox seems to be saying that they're committed to bringing Deadpool to the big screen as many of us already know him. They're also trying to win over fans who may not know Deadpool from Deathstroke and are burnt out on the seriousness displayed by much of the superhero genre.

4. Everybody wants...Betty White's phone number?


                                                                           Well, it looks like Santa made one of Deadpool's wishes come true 

Again, we are given a slight peek into the mind behind the madness. This list has references galore and is well, simply what you'd expect from Deadpool.

5. Say cheese!
Presumably better than most photos of Wade Wilson post Weapon X (Presented by Fandango)
I think it's safe to say that sweater is sort of itchy but in line with the season's ugly sweater vibe. At least his suit might help with the chafing?

6. Take note of this "precious little doodlebug"- R. Reynolds

As expected, a little NSFW

I find it interesting that Fox is being openly critical of their own decision to make Deadpool's first ever appearance in the X-Men series a silent one. I am certainly glad that they kept Mr. Reynolds, and he is too. I can only hope the film lives up to all of our hopes.

7. Annual report brought to you by #Deadpoolcore 

8. There are some things words just can't say....

....And for those moments there are Deadpool emojis.

The Deadpool emoji set has things I would probably use more than a lot of the regular emojis and some that are just delightfully inappropriate. Also, yes, you are seeing correctly, Hello Kitty is among the pictured. Being that she's the only account the official Deadpool movie account follows, I assume they're good friends. Now I was really excited about this one, unfortunately it seems like a cumbersome picture sharing shortcut system instead of an emoji keyboard. Perhaps they'll release an update at some point so that I can use the chimichanga and Deadpoop symbols to my heart's content.

9. Bigger is better

I'll let Wade do the talking on this one. Now bask in the glory of this poster....BASK, I TELL YOU!
Oh hey,I see Stan Lee already!

10. Chestnuts roasting on the--ew, never mind

In a twist on the somehow now traditional video of a burning Yule Log set to Christmas music we have been presented with this. I wish to preserve the innocence of those who don't quite know what's in the bag. Regardless, this is sure to get some laughs from good humored family and friends and sure to get even the grumpiest into the holiday spirit. Yes, I know Christmas is technically over; however, I choose not to accept that until the second week of January. 

11. A tease beneath the mistletoe and a special message for you, 'Bub!

A special Christmas themed teaser was released on Christmas Eve, and most were quite thrilled.

However, everyone's favorite Adamantium spined cigar smoker had his two cents to put in...

For those of you who didn't know, the experiments on Deadpool resulted in him gaining Wolverine's healing factor. The two may as well be cousins!

12. Jackpot! (Red Band trailer ahead)

Now, the moment we've all been waiting for: the latest trailer. We get to see a lot more of the film's cast as well as getting a better grasp on the film's overall premise. So far we have Vanessa, Collossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Ajax, Angel Dust, Vanessa, Weasel, and Blind Al. Everyone looks pretty darn cool so far, and I'm excited to see the direction Deadpool takes these characters. Heck, I'm just excited period. I'm not making any predictions at this point. In fact, I'd like to leave that to you guys in the comments.

What are your predictions for the film overall and why? How do you feel about a super-sort-of-hero that is most definitely for an adult audience? Most importantly... What's your favorite place to get chimichangas?


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