Friday, November 13, 2015

Supernatural Reaction: "Our Little World" (11x06)

The good ol' classics are over and Supernatural has returned to their mission: hunting down a soul-devouring teenager. Please be warned that Supernatural contains mature content. Here are a few reactions I had to this week's episode:

Sam and Dean don't have a special incantation to find Amara, therefore they must follow her trail of soulless victims. Thank you writers for creating a realistic set of teenage girls to kick-off the episode. Goldie hard-to-remember-last-name was complaining to her friend about her mom's rules and a desire to escape. Her typical and realistic complaints make up for the teenage girl that was carrying a Hello Kitty purse and a brush that could only be used on doll hair in the episode "Baby." The real-life parent relationship parallels with Amara and Crowley, and I thought it was a nice touch.

(soooo many)

Castiel's finally finished his Netflix binge, praise Chuck! I mean God...a girl can only hope that Chuck Shurley ends up being God all along. That might just be me...back to Castiel. Our angel leaves the bunker and hunts down Metatron (*grumbles* *secretly hopes he takes him out*)and gives him a firm talking to.

I hope that the writers didn't intentionally rip off the movie Nightcrawler's plot, rather that they were attempting to reflect Castiel's television watching in Metatron's own life. Otherwise, that would be my one complaint for Wednesday's episode. Also, Demon Tablet?!?! I hope I wasn't the only one to forget about that. That just happened. Andddddd Cas let him go.

SAM SUGGESTED AN EXORCISM, AND THEY PUT A DEMON TRAP ON THE CEILING, ALL IN ONE EPISODE!!! I was pretty excited with those choices, and it reminded me that we haven't had a good exorcism in a while. You know you're a Supernatural fan when you use "good" and "exorcism" together in a sentence.

I appear to be part of the small group of people that viewed Dean and Amara's interaction to not be something you would call and report to a pedophile hotline. I saw the advancements coming from Amara, but no sign of sexual attraction from Dean. Yes, it was awkward. Yes, the two are bound by the mark. That doesn't mean that it has to be sexual. I see Dean's reactions to be that of confusion and deep interest in what the attraction is on a non-pedo level. I was also nervous that she was going to eat his soul in order to further plot and get him on her side.

We also found out that Amara is God's sister (*fist pumping the air*). This is actual mythology that I've read up on in the past, and I'm elated to see that they are writing it into the story line! (It's quite an interesting tale, and I would recommend reading it if you enjoy folklore like myself). This also puts her on the top of the food chain, and the Winchesters are going to need help from someone or something.

I'll wrap up this post with the beautiful and blood-pumping ending we got: Sam is having his visions again, and we saw the Cage. Is Lucifer going to break out?? For the love of Sam's luscious mane, I hope so. Another possibility: ADAM. MILLIGAN. The third Winchester three times removed (once by their father, twice by the ghouls, and the third by the Cage). If he gets out, he's going to be one angry boy.

The end with Amara walking down the street gave me the impression that it signified her solo-entry into the human world, but I felt that she might have passed someone important without even knowing, like *cough* Chuck (I'm still hoping).

Did you watch "Our Little World"? What are your theories? React with me in the comments!


  1. I'm so glad that they're finally trying to save the hosts again - because let's be honest at this point the boys have probably killed countless unwilling demonic!hosts (justifiably, but still). It really shows that they're actually trying to fix their mistakes. And I agree about the whole Amara/Dean thing. I don't think it's sexual at all - I think it's a terrifying emotional link, but nothing pedo-y about it.

    1. YAY! I'm so happy to hear that someone agrees. I agree that it was justifiable, and it's great seeing them acknowledge their actions. I was just watching one of their panels on Youtube, where Jensen and Jared were talking about how they take care of the bodies. It was kind of funny bringing up the fact that there would be a bunch of dead vessels just lying about. That sounds terrible! You should understand what I'm getting at though. They said if the show was longer, they would show them salt&burn them all but we just have to assume. They also suggested that there could be hunters that just clean up bodies. It was an interesting thought!