Friday, November 6, 2015

A Fangirl's Guide to Midseason Breaks

For most shows, November is the month of midseason finales. Plot points of the season’s first half will wrap up while new ones for the second half appear. Cliffhangers will fill our television screens, and then—

—two months (or more) will pass without most of our favorite shows.

Ah, the fun of midseason breaks.

To help with the upcoming finales and long breaks, I’ve put together a short “survival” guide.

We all have those favorite episodes that we watch over and over again. Whether it’s marathoning for a day or just watching one episode, midseason breaks are a great time to revisit your favorites.

You could even introduce friends or family to your favorites. Then they can join you in the fun of watching midseason premieres!

Find new shows.
The break is also a good opportunity to check out other shows. Holiday specials and movies usually run through November and December and are classic staples of midseason breaks. Some channels even run shorter series during the break.

It’s also a good time to start that show you’ve always been meaning to watch. Find something to rent or stream. You never know—you might even find a new favorite.

By the end of the midseason finale, there will be questions. (Is that character really dead? Did that plot twist just happen? Who is that new character?)

Swapping theories can be so much fun. Everyone will notice different details that others may have missed, and every theory will have its own spin. Since no one will know the answers for at least a couple of months, midseason breaks are wonderful time to discuss all the possibilities for where your favorite shows will go next.

How do you prepare for midseason finales? Which shows will you miss most during the break?


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