Friday, October 2, 2015

Five Things I'm Looking Forward to in the New Season Of The Walking Dead

Soon, The Walking Dead returns with new episodes, which means more zombies, more danger, and more screaming at our televisions (or crying).

Last season was a rollercoaster of new environments, new threats, and (possible) new allies, all of which leave the upcoming sixth season with plenty of potential for great storylines and expansion.

Here are five things I’m eager to see in the new season:

1.) Rick (possibly) as an antagonist.
Over each season, Rick Grimes has changed from the sheriff’s deputy we first met when the show began. He’s distrustful of most people (not that he doesn’t have good reasons to be) and is capable and willing to do whatever is necessary to protect his family from anyone he thinks is a threat to their safety. He’s already stated that he has no problem taking over Alexandria if that’s what it takes to keep his people safe, and he doesn’t mind letting the Alexandrians know those are his intentions.

Couple that with his potential to be unstable and unpredictable, Rick could make an intriguing antagonistic force. The trailers already paint Rick in a less-than-heroic light (thought that could just be sneaky editing). Seeing Rick step up to an antagonistic role would be a twist, but it could be a good one.

(And it would be a good opportunity for this line to make a second appearance, no?)

2.) Morgan.
Ah, one of the many reasons I screamed at my television during season five.

Some of my favorite episodes have included Morgan Jones. The Morgan who arrived in Alexandria at the end of season five is a changed man from the Morgan of season three. What happened during that time? Why did he leave King County after spending so much time and energy fortifying it?

Given his experience with survival and defense, Morgan could be a great asset for Alexandria. I’d also like to know what Morgan’s thoughts are on Rick’s new outlook and attitude, given that he was in a similar situation not long ago.

3.) Adjusting to life in Alexandria.
The survivors have lost a lot of their previous homes, so I’m curious to see how many of them will choose to build a life in Alexandria and try to settle down. I think most of them are ready to put down some roots and really try to live, not just survive. Alexandria holds some promise for being a place where they could do this.
4.) Flashbacks.
For a show entering its sixth season, there are still a lot of secrets regarding some of the characters. Each season usually provides a few glimpses into the characters’ lives before, or in the early days of, the apocalypse. With so many new characters, some backstory could be helpful in distinguishing them amongst the rest of the growing cast.

Showrunner Scott Gimple has already said we can expect some flashbacks about the earlier days in Alexandria. If that’s true, I’m excited to see what histories the show will provide for the safe-zone and the Alexandrians who have lived there for a longer period of time.

5.) Conflicts.
For a show about zombies, most of the conflict isn’t centered on the zombies.

With each season, the show has become more focused on the characters and people-based conflicts. In the span of the past five seasons, most of the threats have been other living people rather than the undead. It’s an intriguing layer to the show because the human threats are often the most frightening.

Season six has already been set up for a lot of conflict between survivors. Rick’s group against the Alexandrians is an obvious one, as well as a group called “the Wolves.”

I also think we’ll see more conflicts between Rick and his own circle, and probably with Morgan, too.

What are you looking forward to seeing in the new season of
The Walking Dead? Do you have any theories about what will happen? Most importantly: Do you think there will be stuff and things?


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