Monday, September 14, 2015

Mission Accomplished: Summer Reading Victors

Congratulations, Bookish Agents! Here you stand at the end of a difficult reading mission. This was no task for the faint of heart. It took long nights, dry eyes, heavy books, and perhaps a few boxes of tissues and some emotional damage. Yet here you are! You have arrived, and I congratulate you again.

The perfect, on-paper plan was for you to complete ten books, fill out a form, and get an explosively awesome prize pack, all within about a week. That plan is still playing out, except it has (clearly) taken more than a week for me to pull it together. Being an adult gets in the way of so much, you know? For that, I offer my apologies, and as a small bonus, I'm adding a little something extra to the digital prize pack. Not only will you receive downloads for six stylish bookmarks and a certificate to personalize, you'll get a file for an 8x10 bookish poster.

So enough chit chat! If you completed 10 of the 15 Summer Reading Mission prompts, complete this form by September 19th and then watch your inbox for your rewards!

If you didn't reach the challenge goal this time, don't worry--we're plotting something fabulous for later this fall! Also, since confession is good for the soul... I'll admit that I finished the last book for the challenge one day after the deadline. Which basically means I don't get to join the winner's circle this time either. Reading so many great books and sharing conversations about them is its own reward, though, and so I'm not too down about it. Plus, as I said... There's always next time. And I'll be in better reading shape for that challenge. ;)

No matter how many books you completed for this mission, thank you for participating! That alone makes you awesome in my book.

UPDATE: We've decided to adjust our mission rules a little, and because all our participants were so fantastic, we want to reward each of you! No matter how many books you completed, if you attempted this mission, we have a little something in store for you, too.
So go ahead. Fill out the form. You know you want to. ;)


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