Monday, September 28, 2015

Fictional Siblings: The Maximoff Twins

Spoilers for Age of Ultron. Read at your own risk.

In my experience, it's difficult to find good, healthy sibling relationships in fandom. I can only think of three off the top of my head from fandoms I'm in. Fili and Kili from The Hobbit, the Pevensie siblings from The Chronicles of Narnia, and the Maximoff twins from Avengers: Age of Ultron. But out of these three...I have to say Wanda and Pietro Maximoff are my favorites. Here's why!

1. They have a bond.

Which makes sense, because they are twins. But they've also had only each other for years, which has made their bond even tighter. The part where this hits me the hardest is when Pietro dies. Wanda lets out a scream of incomparable agony. How can you go on when the only person you've ever really had is ripped away like that?

Besides this, they can practically communicate without talking. They've been around each other so much that they can read each other's faces.

2. They're not afraid to tease each other.

"You know, I'm twelve minutes older than you."
*laughs* "Go!"

They're siblings! It's what they do. It's definitely a sign of affection as long as they aren't being destructive about it. And they're not. They're so supportive of each other.

3. They respect each other.

In situations where they have to think fast, one sibling will listen to the other one. They're not constantly bickering. They recognize each other's strengths and act accordingly. And their strengths are vastly different. In the words of Maria Hill, "He's fast. She's weird."

They know how to work well together and they know how to play off each other's strengths and powers. Wanda has the mind powers, while Pietro is more physical with his enhanced metabolism. If their powers were similar, I don't think they'd work as well together. They're not only siblings, but fantastic teammates. (They are literal teammates as well, since they're both Avengers.)

4. But most of all, they love each other.

Love is the greatest thing in a sibling bond. Even if siblings don't have the other things listed above, if they've got love, they can still carry on.

But this love can also take a painful turn. After Pietro's death, Wanda rips Ultron's processor, his "heart," out, so he can understand how it feels. It's a very powerful, vengeful moment that becomes almost painful to watch.

What other things make the Maximoffs good siblings? Who are some of your favorite fictional siblings? 

Thanks to Jaime for help on this post!


  1. *sniffles* THEY WERE BEAUTIFUL SIBLINGS THOUGH. I liked, as you said, that they could really rely on one another and that they obviously loved one another. Because I think that is what family is all about.

    1. That *is* what family's about. I just...they're so great. :)