Thursday, July 2, 2015

'Til the End of the Line: Favorite Fictional BFFs

When it comes to fandoms, there are always characters we fall hopelessly, head-over-heels in love with. There are many reasons some of our favorite characters become our favorites. One of these reasons: the characters that surround them. Their pals. Their buddies. Their best friends.

Best friends shape us into who we are simply by sticking by our side and spending time with us. If a character doesn't have a best friend to lean on during the rough times, I pity him or her. One of my favorite things of fandoms is finding the special pair of friends. The ones that stick together, the ones that make me want to be a better friend, the ones who will stick through the thick of things. The characters that will be with each other "'til the end of the line."

I present to you a short list of some of my favorite fictional BFFs, or BROTPS. There are many, many more I could have chosen, but I tried to narrow it down to the ones that have captured my heart in incredible ways.

1. Merlin and Arthur (BBC's Merlin)

Never has a BBC show ruined me like Merlin has. And it's all because of this pair of weirdos: Merlin and Arthur. While most of the show might reveal these two to be at odds, there is still a deep sense of trust between them. They disagree, Arthur thinks Merlin is an idiot (and he tells him on many occasions), and Merlin is constantly trying to save Arthur's life while cursing him under his breath.

But by the time the show ends (the agony), there is definitely a strong bond of friendship between these two, and it crushes my fangirl heart in so many ways. They trust each other, they laugh with each other, and they save Camelot. Oh, and in addition, they both get along with the Knights of the Round Table, which is a wonderful gang of friends I love as well.

2. Lucy Pevensie and Mr. Tumnus (The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe)

The Chronicles of Narnia will always hold a special place in my fangirl heart. From a young age, I felt connected to Lucy Pevensie, the youngest of the four siblings who travel to Narnia through the wardrobe. After all, Lucy is the first to believe--and to keep believing--and the first to discover Narnia.

Her friendship with Mr. Tumnus is memorable for a number of reasons. He was the first one she met in Narnia. He probably told her the first stories about this magical land she'd stumbled upon. In addition, Lucy forgives Mr. Tumnus when he reveals his true plan--to kidnap her for the White Witch. When he's turned into a stone statue, Lucy doesn't give up hope that she will be reunited with her friend.

3. Liesel Meminger and Max Vandenburg (The Book Thief)

There are many reasons The Book Thief captured my heart (and shattered it). The friendships between Liesel and Max is one of the biggest reasons. I'm a big fan of friendships between characters with a wide age gap. There's something inherently beautiful about an older character getting along with someone younger, even stepping back into childhood to make a child smile.

Max and Liesel are this beautiful friendship. She gives him weather reports, he makes her a book. They tell each other secrets and they don't give up on seeing each other. Liesel risks her life for Max and I know Max would do the same for her.

4. The Four Hobbits (Lord of the Rings)

I tried to narrow down my favorite friendship of Middle Earth and found myself at a crossroads. There are many wonderful friendships and strong bonds developed over the course of the Lord of the Rings, but none compare to the bond between the four hobbits that set out from the Shire. Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin. All of them have captured me to the point I can't choose a favorite.

I could split the four up into pairs (Frodo/Sam, Merry/Pippin) to discuss my favorite aspects of their BROTPS. But I can't. Without the four, the story would change. Even if Merry and Pippin don't go with Frodo and Sam all the way to Mordor, they're still vital to the story and the completion of the anti-quest.

Together, the four left the Shire. Together, the four fought for the Shire. And together the four make an incredible friendship bond that cannot be severed. If anybody is searching for a quality friend they should find someone with the strength of Frodo, the loyalty of Sam, the bravery of Merry, and the heart of Pippin. Because hobbits are truly amazing creatures.

5. Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes (Captain America)

You knew this was coming, didn't you? How could I talk about fictional friendships without mentioning these two punks (or jerks, whichever you prefer)? The answer: I couldn't.

Depending on whether you're reading the comics or watching the movies, their friendship may be slightly different. But one truth remains: they have a deep friendship that cannot be compared. They are loyal to each other, brave for each other, and above all willing to do whatever for each other.

In The First Avenger, Steve single-handedly enters a Hydra base and releases all the prisoners in order to find Bucky. Bucky, in the midst of explosions and potential death, doesn't leave Steve's side. They grew up together (in the movies), they fight together, and they learn together.

In The Winter Soldier, even during confusion and chaos, Bucky saves Steve's life. He might not know why, but he does know that he has a special connection with Steve. And that no matter what, they're with each other "'til the end of the line." 

Who are your favorite fictional best friends? What makes them so admirable to you?


  1. Oh man. There's so much BFF greatness in this post. I can totally agree with all your picks (I'm not too familiar with Steve/Bucky, but honestly you don't even have to be in the fandom to tell), and I'm so glad you took the time to spotlight fictional friendships! They're definitely some of the best parts of stories. Also I mean: HOBBITS. LUCY/MR. TUMNUS. LIESEL/MAX. ARTHUR/MERLIN. Spot on. Be still my fangirl heart.

    1. :DD Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed reading.

      I think fictional friendships are some of my favorite aspects of stories (and sibling pairs too!!). I'm hoping we'll discuss more fictional friendships in the future, since I'm sure I could definitely do a part 2 and add to this list.

      Be still MY fangirl heart. :)

  2. Archie Kennedy and Horatio Hornblower (and later Lt. Bush.)

    1. I feel like I've hear Horatio's name before but I'm not sure what it's from.

  3. Merlin and Arthur, most definitely! I also really love the friendship Meggie has with her father, in Inkheart.

    1. I've never read Inkheart but I want too. I love when family pairings (siblings, parent-child, etc.) that are close like friendships too! :)

  4. Merlin and Arthur <3 Bucky and Cap <3