Thursday, June 18, 2015

Our Favorite Emotions from Disney Pixar's Inside Out

     A fangirl must be in touch with her emotions, the most widely felt among us being "ASDFGHJKL."   We all have our favorite things to feel.    Today, we're going to share why we love our favorite emotions  from Disney Pixar's new film, Inside Out, which hits theaters tomorrow on June 19th.

Sky's Favorite Emotion: Joy

It’s hard for me to pick one emotion from Pixar’s Inside Out to prize above the rest. I mean, we have Fear, Anger, Disgust, Joy, and Sadness. Each of them is designed perfectly and exactly how I’d imagine them. And, as an aside, Sadness even looks a bit like me.

But in the end, my dedication to Amy Poehler won out, because I’m picking her character, Joy.

The reason I picked Joy isn’t the only reason I picked her, though. Everything about Joy’s character design is magical--from her pixie cut to her golden tone, Joy is exactly what you’d imagine from this emotion. I especially love her hairstyle. It gives her a fairy-esque vibe. She reminds me of Tinkerbell from the animated Disney Peter Pan--albeit, a version of Tinkerbell that is a lot more excited about life. And why shouldn’t she be excited about life? She’s joy!

I love all the emotions, to be honest. Fear, Anger, Disgust, and Sadness are all fantastic and represent me very well (perhaps too well). However, Joy personifies the optimistic side of me, and the optimistic side of life. I think that should be worth celebrating.

Anna Catherine's Favorite Emotion: Sadness

I had a really hard time deciding on a favorite emotion.   All of them are so adorable!   I finally decided on Sadness, and here's why:

Sadness, as we will see in the film, is a fantastic listener.   (I only know this because I read an Inside Out storybook in Target because I "cheated" and read the story before the movie came out.)    When someone is sad, all the emotions have different ways of dealing with it.    Sadness, I think, has the best way of helping someone who is sad: listening.    I identify with this a lot.   I don't know what to say to someone when they are sad most times, so I just listen.    It really helps the person feel better.

Also, look how adorable Sadness is!   She has the cutest hair, and I adore her fuzzy sweater.   And her glasses!   She is so so cute, and I love the "sad" color scheme she follows.   I could probably dress like Sadness every day and not get tired of the look.   (Except I live in Florida and it's way too hot to wear a sweater, wah.)

Although I feel like Anger most of the time (An angry Disney fan?   Do those even exist?) I really really like Sadness.   I like to feel sad sometimes.   I think Sadness will identify with a lot of the audience, as well.

Jamie's Favorite Emotion: Disgust

It took me longer than I should have to choose which emotion was my favorite. I ruled out Fear right away despite his humorous actions. He reminded me too much of the creepy beetle thing from Thumbelina (no idea why) and possibly something else. I liked the idea of Joy because she is joy. That automatically makes me smile, plus she’s got a sweet hair style. But I knew she wasn’t my favorite. Sadness is adorable, but she wasn’t the one either. 

So I was split between Anger and Disgust. Anger makes me laugh and he’s perfectly designed how Anger should look (red, short, stubby, deep crackly voice). But Disgust… Disgust is definitely my favorite. Not only is she green, but I get the feeling she’ll be kind of sassy. And I definitely like the sassy characters. 

Her reactions to things—how she decides whether Riley is disgusted or not—definitely mirror my own attitude toward a lot of things. I get the feeling Disgust and I would get along great. We probably make similar facial expressions and groans. We’d be best buds, going around disgusted at the world. It would be great fun.

While I think all the emotions are fun, I definitely like Disgust. Plus, she’s voiced by Mindy Kaling who is a cool cat (seriously is this an NBC Comedy shows reunion or what). Unfortunately, most of the previews/sneak peeks don’t show a lot of Disgust. Hopefully the movie will make up for that.

Are you going to see Inside Out tomorrow? Which emotion is your favorite?


  1. Fear and sadness were definitely my favorite emotions. I think that they're my favorite because I understand them. Like, I definitely understand the purposes of anger and joy and disgust, and I'm super grateful we have them, but fear and sadness are two emotions that keep us safe. They're like our safeguards, and help us figure out when something is wrong, so in that regard they're like the ignition to problem-solving in our daily lives. Also, I think they were the funniest characters of everyone, and humor is my great weakness.

    1. I listened to a podcast with Pete Docter, the director, and he said that the whole film was driven by fear. XD There were so many problems with the story early on that he was afraid for those deadlines he had to reach in order for the film to be made. So, you can basically thank Fear for this movie. XD