Monday, June 8, 2015

6 Reasons Kimmy Schmidt is a Strong Female Character

Amanda and Sky here! Since we're both fans of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, we decided to talk about the show's very energetic and unbreakable protagonist today, Kimmy herself. While Kimmy is definitely a strong female, she's not your typical one, and we want to tell you why!

1. She's insanely optimistic.

No matter what life throws her way, Kimmy will get right back up again and tackle it with a grin. From being released from an underground bunker and being thrown back into the world to being fired from her job, Kimmy will look for new solutions to problems thrown her way.

2. She understands the need to be girly sometimes.

There's no rule that strong, well-written female characters can't be girly or fun, and Kimmy absolutely proves this! She's always wearing fun, bright colors that make her stand out from a crowd and give her her own unique charm.

3. She knows how to have fun.

Kimmy makes even the most mundane or silly things into fun! Here's proof.

4. She's compassionate and problem-solving.

Over the course of the series, we see Kimmy reach out to Titus, Mrs. Voorhees, and even Xanthippe. Kimmy loves people, and she acts on those feelings. She sees problems in people's lives and then comes up with creative solutions to combat them. She has a heart the size of New York, and she'd make a fantastic friend.

5. She's human.

As optimistic as Kimmy Schmidt is, there are still things that shake her. She has her ups and downs and hopeless moments, just like anyone else. These moments make her more relatable and more human.

6. She's resilient... I mean, unbreakable.

The whole show is based around how Kimmy won't let other people break her. She's personified that in all sorts of ways, whether it's her bubbly self or her impassioned speeches. 

Simply put, the unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is inspiring.

 What do you think about Kimmy? Is she a well-written female character? What's your favorite aspect of her characterization?

points 1, 2, and 3 were brought to you by Amanda
points 4, 5, and 6 were brought to you by Sky


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