Monday, May 25, 2015

6 Reasons Why You Should Totally Watch Parks and Recreation

If you've been around on the internet or switched through your TV channels in the past few years, you may have heard of a little show called Parks and Recreation. While it never got world-shattering ratings, it is loved by a pretty hard-core group of fans.

Following the adventures of Leslie Knope, Deputy Director of the Parks and Recreation Department of Pawnee, Indiana and her loyal coworkers and friends, it's a comical view of life in a smallish town in Indiana.

I discovered this show during Christmas break last year and I watched the first six seasons in a week and a half (season 7 hadn't aired yet.). Wondering why you should watch it? Here are six reasons.

1. There's no laugh track.

If a TV comedy has a laugh track, it often discourages me from watching it. They're often distracting, and besides, I know when something is funny. I will laugh accordingly. I don't need to be told. But Parks and Rec doesn't have one of those. It's shot in a documentary style, and there's often "interviews" of all the characters.

2. It ran for seven seasons.

Are you tired of finding new shows only to have them suddenly end after the first or second season? This show will not break your heart like that. As the show has a conclusion as well, it will definitely not leave you hanging.

3. It's super hilarious.

At least for me, a lot of TV comedies are just not funny. Maybe I have a weird sense of humor, but I tend to enjoy wit over slapstick or crude humor. But in Parks and Recreation the situations and what they say are just so genuinely funny that I can't help but like it.

parks and recreation animated GIF

That's not to say that this show is clean all the time. I'd say it sits staunchly in the PG-13 camp, though every episode varies.

4. The cast has amazing chemistry. 

They all work so well together, especially after season 2. Their energy bounces off each other and that in turn makes it an even greater work of comedy and art.

5. The characters treat each other like family.

Sure, they might have petty quarrels sometimes. Families do that. But they also love each other and support each other and they all love what they do.  Not to mention that some of the main characters are married to each other!

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6. It's very upbeat, especially in seasons 3 and beyond.
This show always looks on the bright side. Sure, there may be times when something goes wrong; but that's just it, they work through it. It's almost like a ray of sunshine to me.

If you have seen Parks and Rec, what do you think? What is your number-one reason why people should watch it?


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