Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Genius, Writer, Fangirl, Philanthropist: We Have a Sky

In the words of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider: Today is a very big day. Now, you might be thinking, really? Today? What’s today?

For us at The Fangirl Initiative today is the birthday of a very special person. A person that has not only made this all happen but has pulled us together from all over, put up with our shenanigans and crazy ideas, and believed in us. She’s the Founder of the Fangirl Initiative but also who we consider to be our leader, director, captain, and queen.

Between her humor, her inspiration for this idea, and her own contribution to the team, she is our very own Tony Stark.

Today is her birthday, and the “agents” of the Fangirl Initiative have teamed-up to not only wish her the best of birthdays but also to reveal our appreciation and admiration for everything she has done for us in the past few months.

Bailey Bastien’s message to Sky:

SKY!! Oh goodness. 19. Niiiiiiiiiiineteen. From fangirling over Beau, our prickly baby, and the Angel Novel, to crying over Bucky, to creating NaNoWriMo versions of Let It Go, this has been an incredible year. As always, I’ve been so incredibly blessed by your friendship over the past year, and hope to see how it continues to grow in the coming years. I hope that this year is absolutely fantastic, filled with many feelsy scenes in our AU and pins on Pinterest that make you bawl because otps, lots of cake, and lovely memories.
Happy Birthday, dear! :)

Andrea Wiesner’s message to Sky:

Sky, thanks for everything... your friendship has meant so much to me over the years! I know I've said it before, but I really appreciate you letting me join TFI. And for all of your help getting pictures into the posts, always 'putting up' with my constant stream of ideas, and all other such blog related stuff. Also for introducing me to some very cool people through it (TFI) and the Beautiful People link-up. I don't know what I'd do without you, I love you like a sister. Hope your birthday is incredible, and that the coming year is rich in God's blessings! <3 p="">

Jenna Blake Morris’ message to Sky:

Happy birthday to the best director out there! Here’s hoping you have a wizard day that ushers in a wizard year. The fandom community owes you a ton not just for creating this gathering place, but for putting in all the coordinating work every day that keeps it running—the Initiative’s very own Nick Fury, but with better hair.
And hair in general.
And two actual eyes.
Thanks for everything you do, and have a good one.

Rica Wiersema’s message to Sky:

To a young woman who dared to dream big…

…who took a little idea for a website and turned it into a fast-growing hub of fandom despite all the surmounting odds…

…who reignited my passion for writing and gave me an outlet to be my snarky self…

…I have only one thing to say.

Kelsey Gulick’s message to Sky:

Sky, you're one of the most dedicated and creative people I know. You've put your heart and soul into The Fangirl Initiative and it's apparent to all of your staff and readers. Getting to know you this past year has been a blessing. I hope 19 is a great year for you and that you meet much success in the continuance of your adventure. If anything happens, I've got your back. Now go lay in a giant donut sign and rock your birthday, okay?

Izzy Stevenson's Message to Sky:

Amanda Horn’s message to Sky:

I've never been good at writing birthday messages/cards/what-have-you, but I'm going to try. Sky, I'm so glad you gave me a chance to work with The Fangirl Initiative. Last fall was a hard time on me and my family and looking forward to writing about anything and everything fangirly was a bright spot. I've always taken a refuge in stories and even more so in the past few years and being able to fangirl in a more open space is so lovely. I've found an awesome online community that is a big part of my life right now.
I've also enjoyed getting to know you more in these past few months. From our discussions of OTPs to what characters we relate to, our conversations are so fun! Sky, you're so brilliant and funny and strong. Don't you ever forget that.
Happy Birthday, you fiercely awesome superhero!

Anna Catherine’s message to Sky:

Happiest of birthdays, Sky!   You're my favorite superhero!

Mirriam Neal’s message to Sky:

I don’t remember when I first met Sky, or how – I think it was through the Beautiful People questionnaires she began on her blog. I loved them; they were a brilliant idea, and I looked forward to them every week. By some chance, I was able to meet the girl behind them – although this is the part I’m fuzzy at – and somehow found myself meeting other likeminded writers who gathered under the banner of Tea-Spitters. 
Sky is incredible. Her indomitable spirit and resilient optimism in the face of towering villains are the traits of heroines in storybooks. Her sense of humor and kindness are like a welcoming hug every time you speak with her – she’s understanding, helpful, and manages to combine a wonderful maturity with a gleeful child’s mischievous wit. 
All in all, Sky is one of those very rare people who, if you have the privilege to meet them, will put a kind of golden sunlight in your life every time you think of her. (Also, I harbor suspicions as to her being the actual Iron Man. At the very least, she’s a Superhero all her own.) 
It’s hard to describe people’s souls, and so I’d like to do it this way – if her soul was a song, it would be this one:

Sarah Munson’s message to Sky:

While Tony Stark may not have qualified for the Avengers Initiative at first, there could never be anyone more qualified to lead the Fangirl Initiative than you, Sky Destrian!  You’re far kinder than Stark, but you have just as much genius, ingenuity, and personality. You always get the job done with awesomeness, you’re able to handle pressure and “terrible privileges” like a pro, and you are an unforgettable individual. There’s no one else I’d rather go out for shawarma with! It is an honor to serve alongside you, and to count you as a friend. Happy birthday, Sky- you’re a hero, and I’m a fan of you!

Jaime Heller’s message to Sky: 

Currently, I’m fangirling over this post because of how amazing it is that Sky has pulled all of us from different parts of the country and world together to create an awesome team. I remember stumbling somehow upon Sky’s blog a few years ago and immediately adoring it: after all, it’s not every day I find someone else's blog with a Narnia reference in the title. Soon I was reading her posts and finding inspiration and encouragement from someone two years younger than me. I thought it was odd that someone younger could teach me and that I secretly felt this connection to someone who lived states away from me.

I never got around talking to Sky until she started this site. I had followed her on tumblr, pinterest, and twitter in hopes that maybe something would start a conversation. But I’m a shy person and don’t always know what to say. But when she posted a link to this site—her newest idea—I wanted in immediately. And since then, I’ve had plenty of fangirling talks with Sky about common interests. I was overly grateful when she promoted me on the site to Assistant TO the Editor/Creative Consultant. I was just glad to be a part of something like this; I didn’t need anything else.

Overall though, I’ve loved every moment of being part of this site, being connected to these people, and having the chance to get to know Sky better. She’s as the title of this post says a genius, a writer, a fangirl, and a philanthropist. She has vision, she has talent, and she has a fun-loving personality that can make anybody laugh, smile, or feel loved. I’m glad to be a part of this, and it’s all because Sky gave me a chance.

Thank you, Sky. I know the work you put into this site, making it work and making everything organized. I’m grateful we have such a wonderful, fun, and inspiring leader. I’m proud to say We Have a Sky (if I was more tech-savvy, I would have created a gif of Tony Stark saying this line and instead of showing the Hulk, it would have been your face. So sorry you have to suffer with all these other gifs and pictures instead). Many Happy Returns. I hope your day is fantabulous! :)

Happy Birthday, Sky! We love you!

And remember: “Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk” (the truest of words from the mouth of Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark himself) 

Special thanks to Anna Catherine for coming up with this idea, and for all the "Agents" of TFI for putting this together in time and keeping it secret, keeping it safe. :) 


  1. Happy birthday, Sky! You're awesome!

  2. You guys... I can't thank you enough. Words can't express how much this means to me.

    This morning when I woke up and read this post, this was my reaction:

    I am only as good as the team behind me, and that's you guys. I'm so thankful for all of you. I can't believe I get to be on this adventure with such wonderful people. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

    I don't even know what to say. Thank you. ♥

    1. <3333333333333333333333333333 we love you, doll